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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Looking for results of Kinsale 5 mile - 2006

Does anyone have the results of the Kinsale 5 mile road race from last year, 2006??? I just got an e-mail from Denis Kelleher of Midleton A.C. and he is looking for a copy.
He wrote "I am looking for results of Kinsale 5 mile road race 2006. I have been asking around and nobody appears to have them. If you put this on your website, somebody out there may have them."

If you have a copy, then send an e-mail to my address which is shown in the right hand column.


John Desmond


Anonymous said...

On your own page back in August John. Doen near the bottom.


John Desmond said...


It's last year that Denis is looking for...i.e. 2006 rather than last August.

John D.