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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Looking ahead to next year (2008) -
For those of you new to the running scene (...or maybe not so new ;o), it might be an idea to think about what is coming up next year and to see if you want to set yourself some goals.
So, lets look at some events coming up in 2008....

a) Cork City Marathon...2nd of June 2008.
If you check out some of the training schedules for a marathon, they are typically 16 weeks long. That means that if you were following one, you would be starting to train from early February. So, why talk about it in mid-October, more than 7 months from the event? Two reasons....
1) If you have just started running, a moderate amount of training over the Winter months will get you in an excellent condition by the start of February to start your Marathon training proper and...
2) There is a series of four 10 mile road races in Munster coming up in the Spring of 2008. If you complete some or all of these, you should be in very good condition by the start of April. You would be in an excellent position then to increase your training for the last 2 months of April and May to get a very good time in the Marathon.

b) Munster 10 mile Spring Classic Series. It consists of 4 races. The provisional dates are...

Jan 6th 2008...Mallow, N Cork
Feb 3rd 2008...Dungarvan, W Waterford
Mar 9th 2008...Ballycotton, E Cork
Apr 13th 2008...Kilnaboy, W Clare

A typical training schedule for a 10 mile race is 8 weeks. So, 8 weeks from the Mallow race is early November which is why I am bringing it up now. If you are new to this distance, you have 2 to 3 weeks to think about it and get a schedule ready. With these races, you can enter on the day with the exception of one, the Ballycotton 10.

c) Ballycotton 10...March 9th 2008
Outside of the Cork City Mararthon and relay, this is one of the biggest road races in Cork. Entries are restricted to about 2,500 for safety reasons and usually, the quota is filled by early December. You need to decide if you are doing it in the next few weeks and then get your entry in early. Check in here to this blog and I'll keep it updated with info on what is happening.

So, start planning for 2008...

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