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Thursday, October 25, 2007

26th of October 2007... Blog is 1 year old today !!! -

It seems a lot longer than 12 months since I started this blog. A year ago, I had been mulling over the idea of starting one. I had a few reasons for starting one but no good one!! One reason I had was that I wanted to mess about with a blog just to see what they were like and see what they were about. Some people write blogs as you would a diary but I had no interest in anything like that. I think I'd get bored writing it let alone reading it! The second reason was that I thought it might be a useful way to keep track of my own training. Maybe set a target, write up a training schedule and chart my progress so I could look back over it. After all, blogs can be private as well and I could have blocked access to it. So, a year ago, I set myself some targets for 3 months time, i.e. February 2006. However, after a small bit of speed work, I reached my target a lot sooner than I thought I would and I began thinking at that stage that the idea of the blog might be pointless.

At the same time a year ago, I started off doing the East Cork AC Winter 3 km series, which I try and do every year. I noticed however, that while the results were e-mailed out, they were not available on any website. So, putting them up on the blog seemed like a good idea. From that and the feedback I got, I put up more results of other races. Then, I started getting queries about the races....When is it on? / Where is it on? / Where is the registration? / What is the course like? ....and so on. So, then I included maps, race previews and other info. It soon became clear to me that there were a lot of new people out there who were looking for information on what was happening locally. As someone who has been doing races for some 15 years, I knew I could provide some of the answers that people were looking for.

At the start, the traffic to the site was pretty low but soon built to 200 to 300 hits per month. That's roughly 7 to 10 visitors per day which suprised me...I thought it would be a lot lower!! The blog also appeared in the Google rankings but it was way down on the 8th or 9th page so I rarely got any hits from it. And so it stayed until the Cork City Marathon and the Summer races. Then, the hits started coming hot and heavy ;o) And as the traffic went up, so did the blog's rating within Google. Now, the blog gets on average about 70 hits per day and very often appears on the first page after a Google search. At the moment, each month breaks the record for the previous month and it looks likely that with 1 week to go, the blog will easily break the 2000 hits mark for the month of October 2007. So, for the moment, it is very much 'work in progress'. I kept the term 'experimental' blog in the introduction as I don't know what it's future is. I know that for some, they use it as their primary source of information as to what is going on locally and that's great!! So, as long as I feel that people are finding it of value, I'll keep it going. For me, I feel that if I can in some small way encourage people to attend more races and help keep the local running scene more active, then it is worth the effort.

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed in their own way to the blog over the last year. Be it snippets of information, photos, links, results, etc. I like to think that this blog acts in a way like a public noticeboard for others as well so that they can share information with their fellow runners. In that way, we all benefit from it.

So, roll on year 2..!!


terry h said...

Well done john,this site is fantastic,it combines the best parts of all the local running sites with a personal touch.i'd have missed some races only for the info here and the knock on is that i contacted other people to inform them of these races which increases the number s even more.
please keep it up.

John Dunphy said...

Hi john the blog has being a huge success to date please keep it going we would be lost without it it really has all the info we require for road races and results.

John Dunphy

Anonymous said...

I must agree with the previous comments. Well done and keep it up. Also good luck to all those who are running on monday!!


Anonymous said...

Just to re-iterate the comments above. I check the site daily, and find it very useful and informative.
I have referred a few people to the site who were looking for info on races, or running in general.
The race previews are invaluable and can really set you up for the run, if you know the details of the course, where the hill are etc.
Perhaps you can include links to other Cork runners' blogs (if they will provide the links) so that we can really get a community feeling from this site. Runners like to read about runners, especially if they are local and know the routes they run. It may help runners get together and train together, further promoting running in Cork.
Your hits could be improved by flyering the local events you attend and maybe tieing in closely with BHAA, and Cork Marathon for mentions on their promotional material. Then you can start selling t-shirts and running gear and make your millions!!
Keep up the good work.


Derek said...

Keep up the good work. Its very handy!! especially for beginners. Any time anyone asks me about running in Cork I tell them check here!

Anonymous said...

A good year's work John, thanks and well done. As a beginner I use it as inspiration to keep me training to the next event, which otherwise I may not know about. I also love the fact that you give exact details of location [removes some stress]and an idea of what the route is like.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Many thanks for the blog. I took up running this year as I was persuaded to run in the John Buckley. This site however kept me running in the majority of races during the summer. I find it super. For me having one site that says where and when the races are on and with a comment does the trick. Like others when asked about running I've referrd a number of people to this site. Long may this site continue. Many thanks again John.

Anonymous said...

Well done John, I've only known about this site for about a month, but I find myself visiting now every time I'm online. Very informative, good reviews of races and good links to elsewhere also. Keep up the good work!


John Desmond said...

Just a short note to thank everyone for their kind comments and their own contributions to this blog over the last year.

Thanks as well to Richard for his..."Then you can start selling t-shirts and running gear and make your millions!!" comment...If only it was so easy!! ;o)


John D.