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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weather Forecast for the 2007 Dublin City Marathon - (Updated Sun 11:30am)

OK, I know this blog is about Cork running BUT I thought some might find this post useful as they make the pilgrimage way up North to do the Dublin City Marathon next Monday. I understand that quite a number of Cork runners are making the trip despite the fact that the Dublin Marathon has now been superseded by the Cork City Marathon as the best Marathon in Ireland (...well, this is a blog about running in Cork, what else did you expect me to say ?!?!? ;o)

It looks as if Monday is going to be a cool and blustery day. The current forecast with 1 day to go looks better than it did a few days back. See the chart above...some cold fronts are close to the country but seem to be well to the North. They are predicting a few scattered showers but I think Dublin may miss them. It looks as if the morning might be better than the afternoon so the race might be over before the showers arrive.

The chart above shows that there will be a moderate breeze and the temperatures will be down a bit. The Eastern part of the country should be brighter than the West.

Wind - Expect a moderate breeze from the West. As it is overland, it should be weaker in Dublin than the rest of the country. They expect a high of 12 deg C but it will probably be below 10 dec C during the early part of the race. With a Westerly wind, it will feel a bit colder. Consider wearing a thermal top if you have one.
Met Eireann had given a forecast of "Bank Holiday Monday will be a cool blustery day with bright spells and showers. The showers will be frequent in western counties but more scattered further east."
The current forecast is "Cool and breezy tomorrow, with sunny spells and scattered showers."

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