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A selection of videos that have appeared on this website in the past...

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Interview with Olympic Silver Medalist John Treacy at the 2012 Brighton Marathon

Interview with Ron Hill at the 2012 Brighton Marathon

The 2011 Belfast 24 hour race

How to prevent injury while training

Ultra distance race in San Francisco

The 2010 Belfast 24 hour race
Daniel Komen of Kenya breaking the 3000 metre record in 1996

Ben does life...One runners journey

The 2011 New York Empire State Building Race

Alistair Cragg sets new Irish Half Marathon time / Race video of New York Half-Marathon (Mar 2011)

You're never too old to start

Talk about barefoot and endurance running by Christopher McDougall

Video about Haile Gebrselassie by CNN
Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

It's official...Runners are better looking!

Dublin City Marathon 2010. A 14 min video taken ~mile 20 showing sub 3 hour runners

Barefoot running in New York City

Test to determine your foot type

Can music aid performance?

Three video clips from the Leevale Sports Day (May 2009)

Spirit of the Marathon...Ten Part Series
Part 1 of 10
Part 2 of 10
Part 3 of 10
Part 4 of 10
Part 5 of 10
Part 6 of 10
Part 7 of 10
Part 8 of 10
Part 9 of 10
Part 10 of 10

Team Hoyt...the remarkable story of Dick and Rick Hoyt

Four video clips from the 2009 Dublin City Marathon

Start of the 2009 Cork City Marathon

Cork City Marathon...2008

Elite running technique from the 2008 Chicago Marathon

Forefoot Running and Running Form

Dramatic finish to the 2007 Chicago Womens Marathon

Cork Half Marathon (Blarney Sept 2008)...7 clips near the 12 mile mark showing numbers 151-430

Cork Half Marathon (Blarney Sept 2008)...7 clips near the 12 mile mark showing the first 150 finishers.