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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Guest Post: Happy Easter Pat Walsh

** Happy Easter ** 🍾

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the Holiday weekend.

Nothing major here, (or maybe there is), just some reflection on where we are and how best to get the best out of life.

I’m currently reading a book about positive aging and living our best lives.  Thanks Miss AG for the present, you know me well xx. Fascinating stuff, well researched and presented in every day language.

The most important points to living a long and healthy life is exercise, positive attitude, diet, support network, laughter, lack of stress, rest and downtime etc etc.

I have loads more to read so there could be a Part 2.

Us runners are brilliant and we have most of these in the bag already. 
Yes we exercise; 
we try a decent diet as carrying the extra pounds only makes it harder:
we have a can-do attitude, show me the run and I will do it:
we support one another regardless and we all have good and bad days;
we may accumulate some stress but have learned to leave it on the road during the weekend long run;
we know we need to rest to recover and get the best out of ourselves;
we know how to laugh, some of the banter during the runs is priceless.
It is never too late to fix any element you may be missing. Just go for it. Any slight change will help you.
I could bore you forever. Bit of Fun What age am I? Please be kind
I have a Chronological age of 59… My Birth Cert
I have a Biological age of 45
I have the Mental age of 21

Next Question. I never win a Category prize anyway so why should age define me in a race?  I’m M55, why can’t I be M#Happy

I enter, I finish, I smile and am happy. Who will be the First Race Director to allow no-age. Of course you will not be in contention for Category Prizes but the reward for me is finishing. Time is a bonus and not a major issue. Be grateful we can participate. Maybe as I do online entry I should go with how I feel that day.

I am 59. Some 40 year olds can’t run a mile. Some 50 year old can’t cycle a mile. Some people my age can’t tie their laces. I can run 10 miles around the hills of Cobh.

I’m winning before I start. 

This isn’t boastful or gloating. I have always loved to run and have been blessed with my health and friends. Have I been lucky or have I made my luck?

Deepest condolences to Joe Murphy on the loss of his lovely wife Anne during the week. 2 of the nicest people you could ever meet and Anne’s presence will be greatly missed at all races in the Cork area. RIP. Bed in Heaven awaits.

Have a lovely Easter. Eat the Choccy Eggs and be Happy.


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