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Friday, April 24, 2020

Uncertain times ahead...

With the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and all the race cancellations, it's hard to know what is going to going to happen in a few months time let alone a few weeks.

This is probably best exemplified by the Wexford Half-Marathon which was due to take place on Sunday the 26th of April 2020.

It has now been postponed to the 20th September 2020 and they announced back up dates as well of December 13th 2020 and April 25th 2021.

It just shows the uncertainty of what is going to happen and nobody know for sure is any rescheduled races will go ahead as planned.

Will the Cork Marathon go ahead in September?

Will the Limerick Marathon go ahead at the start of October?

Will the Dublin Marathon go ahead at the end of October?

It's hard to see how we can go from a situation of 2-metre social distancing now in April to having people crowded together on the start line of a race in a few months time.


Unknown said...

Just draw a line through the scheduled and rescheduled races for the year and be done with it, if only to give any potential participants some degree of certainty.
Wipe the 2020 slate cleane and start fresh in 2021.

cathalhistory said...

have to agree. being honest there wont be any marathons and that's that. build up your base training!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree there will be nothing for the rest of this year.As mentioned just use as building back up again slowly, then hit 2021 super fit!