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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Guest Post: St.Patrick wins the 2020 Ballycotton '10' ... by Pat Walsh

If you turn on the radio or TV today then it seems to be nothing but news about the Coronavirus epidemic. To get away from all the doom and gloom, here is a guest post from Pat Walsh to lighten the mood...

(Originally posted 17th March 2020 before the lock down)

Shock winner of the 2020 Ballycotton 10 was none other than St Patrick.

In news that will shock the Athletics world, he romped home in a field of 1 to win by a clear margin.

In a long and detailed interview after the race we asked him some deep thoughtful questions on what it all meant to him.

☘️ How are you feeling now?
Delighted to have won the race. Long time ambition of mine and I am glad it finally happened. I had no Parade or Pub today so I said I would have a go.

☘️ How will you celebrate?
My throat is dry for a few scoops and you would think that, I, the Patron Saint of this country could get a pint somewhere. Will just have to go home and make a crisp sandwich and see is there a bottle somewhere in the cupboard.
Might watch Netflix, I am in the mood for “Chariots of Fire” after today.

☘️ What do you think of the winning trophy?
I am over the Moon to win the specially embossed #pwr Loo-Roll. I will put it pride of place with my other stash. I have a few Velvet soft and Kitten soft left as well. Most of the stuff I hoarded last few days was the cheap hard stuff. Those things would tear the arse off of you.🤣😂

☘️ What about lack of Competition in the race?
It was well known that I was in good form recently and maybe they stayed away because they didn’t want to be beaten by a Man in a dress. I don’t know. Was hoping Aoife Cooke would be here today as I reckon I had a chance this year.

☘️ Did you find the hill hard on the way home?
What hill…

☘️ Did the lack of atmosphere affect your performance?
Yes I missed Dick O Brien classic song at the start and then DJ Mossie 🎧🎼🎤giving me abuse outside the Blackbird pub. Still once I settled there was a few ducks 🦆🦆on the Bog Road and a few Rabbits 🐇🐇and a Pheasant over by Ballybraher.

☘️ What is next on your plans?
I hoped to go for Olympic Qualification this year but the Country is in a crisis and needs me. I sorted the Snakes 🐍🐍out years ago and now I need to fix the Virus thing.😷😷🤧

Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit ☘️😍
#Keeponsmiling #Staysafe

Pat Walsh Running is based in Midelton in East Cork and Pat holds running sessions during the week and at weekends. For more information on Pat and his running classes, visit his Facebook page...

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MF said...

Well done Pat, a great man to lighten to mood and a true champion. Well done also on your support for all the many fundraisers in aid of desperately needy charities during this Covid-19 pandemic. Keep up the good spirits and stay safe.