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Monday, December 31, 2018

Cork BHAA Calendar for 2019

The Cork Business Athletic Association (BHAA) have just released their provisional race calendar for 2019. There are 17 listed which is the same as the list for 2018.

It's good to see the Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race still on the calendar as it is really a flagship event for the BHAA.

Sun. 6 January     11am ESB Cross Country Challenge 5km Beaumont Park
Sun. 13 January 11am F.M.C. 5km Little Island
Sun. 10 February 11am Janssen 6km Little Island
Sun. 7 April 11am UCC / Carmel Lynch Memorial 10km Lee Road Cct

Wed. 24 April 7.30 pm     Stryker 4 Miles Carrigtohill
Wed. 8 May 8pm Pfizer’s 6 Mile Ringaskiddy
Tue. 21 May 8pm John Buckley Sports 5km Marina
Wed. 12 June 8pm Merck Millipore 5km Carrigtwohill
Wed. 26 June 8pm VMWare 5km Ballincollig
Wed. 3 July 8pm CPO 5km Mahon
Wed. 10 July 8pm Gas Networks 5km Marina
Wed. 31 July 8pm Novartis 5km Ringaskiddy
Wed. 7 August (TBC) 8pm Army/Navy 5 Miles Haulbowline
Wed. 14 August     8pm Musgrave S&S Club 5km Marina

Sun. 6 October     9am BHAA Cork-Cobh 15 Miles
Sun. 3 November 11am HSE 5k Little Island
Sun. 8 December 11am Cork Simon Christmas Run     5km Blackrock


Anonymous said...

UCC 10km clashes with Cobh 10 mile. 2 big events in Cork on one day. Wonder how that will affect numbers

Anonymous said...

Hi,will there be a cork- carrigaline ,15mile race this year?

John Desmond said...

The Cork to Carrigaline 25k is coming up on the 28th of April. It's up on the race calendar.

anonymous said...

Were there always this many 5km on the bhaa calendar? Have some races changed from 4 miles to 5km? Eleven of the 17 races are 5km. From the end of May to end of the summer evening races 7 of the 8 races are 5km, think it's too many especially when coupled with the 5km Saturday parkruns.

Anonymous said...

The first two road races on the calender were always 4 miles races, based in Little Island. They both changed to 5k and 6k races respectively in the last couple of years. Why ? I know it involved a change of route, but a 6k distance ??
I agree with the previous poster - Too many 5k races on the calender.

Anonymous said...

The ones in Little island at the start were usually 4 miles but now changed to 5k and 6k. Merck Millipore used to be 6k as well. Think they all changed last year though. Looks like EMC/Dell one is gone which used to be 4 mile. Wonder will we see an end to the VMWare one as in the news they were moving a lot of roles to Spain. The GAS networks one was 5 mile last year. But you are right, there seems to be an excessive number of 5kms this year.

John Desmond said...

Possibly a reason for races to get shorter is that it is getting harder to have longer routes in or near Cork City.

The old 4 mile route in Little Island took in a busy crossroads whereas the 5k tends to stick to quieter roads.

Brian Ahern said...

Safety of runners on roads is now a huge issue and is a major factor in organising road races. Council, Guards etc push for Traffic management which costs massive money and makes events not feesable. Maybe explains more 5ks too as possibly easier to steward.

anonymous said...

As someone who lives near little island the busy crossroads is very busy during the week but not on a sunday morning.