Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Runner spotted on the M8 motorway in Cork!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Runner spotted on the M8 motorway in Cork!

This has been doing the rounds on social media today. Someone was spotted out running between cars on the M8 motorway near the Jack Lynch tunnel!

As cars queued at the traffic lights to head south, they were treated to some guy running down the middle of the M8 road. ....and he was wearing headphones! I don't know which is worse :o))

Seriously...whoever you are... there are nicer and safer places to go for a run.


Anonymous said...

In fairness to the man he has some set of thighs on him

Anonymous said...

Giving runners a bad name there. Where could he even be going. On another note, isn't the diver who took the photo also breaking the law?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't make sense to run between the lanes, why not the hard shoulder at least??