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Monday, June 04, 2018

Results & Photos of the 2018 Cork City Marathon, Half-Marathon & Relay

There were big numbers for this years 2018 Cork City Marathon with roughly 6,200 people taking part between the three events. So far, it looks as if the numbers are down for the full marathon and relay while the numbers for the half-marathon are well up.

In the full marathon, Gary O'Hanlon finished in 2h 21m 09s to set a new course record. In the women's race, Zola Flynn from Sligo took the title in a time of  2h 58m 54s. Zole is the daughter of Ray Flynn who is one of the top race walking coaches in the country.

Full Marathon...
1 Gary O Hanlon (#1084) Select     02:21:09 O40  (1)     Male  (1)... €1000
2 Mark Kirwan (#1324)     RAHENY SHAMROCK A.C.     02:25:17 O30  (1)     Male  (2) ...€900
3 Eoin Callaghan (#1098) OTHER     02:26:08 O30  (2)     Male  (3) ...€800
4 Alan O Brien (#115)     EAGLE A.C.     02:26:54 O35  (1)     Male  (4) ...€700
5 Paweł Kosek (#866)     02:27:12 Senior  (1)     Male  (5) ...€600
6 Michael Morgan (#362) ST. FINBARRS A.C.     02:31:21 O40  (2)     Male  (6) ...€500
7 Peter Somba (#429)     DUNBOYNE A.C.     02:33:35 Senior  (2)     Male  (7) ...€400
8 Eoin Sugrue (#183)     02:36:05 O45  (1)     Male  (8) ...€300
9 Brian Leahy (#525)     RAHENY SHAMROCK A.C.     02:37:04 O35  (2)     Male  (9) ...€200
10 Ciaran Mc Gonagle (#154)     02:37:20 O40  (3)     Male  (10) ...€100Female
39 Zola Flynn (#768)     Calry A.C.     02:58:54 O30  (1)     Female  (1) ...€1000
54 Rachel DAVIES (#723)     Swansea Harriers     03:02:23 Senior  (1)     Female  (2) ...€900
58 Annmarie Holland (#159)     YOUGHAL A.C.     03:03:46 O40  (1)     Female  (3) ...€800
64 Llinos Jones (#732)     OTHER     03:07:46 O35  (1)     Female  (4) ...€700
79 Rachel Stokes (#174)     Select     03:12:33 O35  (2)     Female  (5) ...€600
102 Laura Rooney (#664)     WATERGRASSHILL A.C.     03:17:12 O40  (2)     Female  (6) ...€500
120 Dolores Duffy (#635)     WATERGRASSHILL A.C.     03:20:46 O50  (1)     Female  (7) ...€400
132 Colette O Donoghue (#31)     WATERGRASSHILL A.C.     03:22:41 O35  (3)     Female  (9) ...€300
137 Mary Fitzgerald (#419)     CARRIAG-NA-BHFEAR A.C.     03:23:15 O45  (1)     Female  (10) ...€200
144 Mary Kelleher (#440)     NA     03:24:43 O40  (3)     Female  (11) ...€100

Claire McCarthy of Leevale AC winning the 2018 Cork City Half-Marathon
Claire McCarthy...Winner of the Half-Marathon & Zola Flynn...winner of the Marathon

Half marathon...
1 Sergiu Ciobanu (#3992) CLONLIFFE HARRIERS A.C. 01:07:59 O30  (1)     Male  (1)... €500
2 Cillian O Leary (#4300) RAHENY SHAMROCK A.C.     01:09:19 O35  (1)     Male  (2)... €250
3 Nathan Harrison (#2185) 01:11:39 Senior  (1)     Male  (3)... €200
4 Colin Merritt (#2849) 01:12:09 O45  (1)     Male  (4)... €150
5 Kevin O Leary (#2368) EAST CORK A.C.     01:13:23 Senior  (2)     Male  (5)... €100 Female
10 Claire Gibbons-Mccarthy (#2099) LEEVALE A.C. 01:16:51 O40  (1)     Female  (1)... €500
46 Fiona Santry (#3075) EAST CORK A.C.     01:23:27 O30  (1)     Female  (2)... €250
68 Sorcha Kearney (#3985) ST. FINBARRS A.C.     01:25:31 O40  (2)     Female  (3)... €200
92 Teresa Murphy (#3047) 01:28:28 O40  (3)     Female  (4)... €150
125 Mélany Tancray (#3976) 01:32:07 Senior  (1)     Female  (5)... €100

Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time
1     Senior     TEAM Brighton AB Group (6533)     DUNDRUM A.C.     02:19:28
2     Senior     TEAM Leevale AC - Men (6572)     Select     02:21:26
3     Senior     TEAM St Finbarrs AC (6448)     ST. FINBARRS A.C.     02:25:49
Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time
1     Senior     TEAM Eagle AC (6253)     EAGLE A.C.     02:35:11
2     Senior     TEAM Leevale AC - Female (6573)     Select     02:49:57
3     Senior     TEAM North Cork AC (6059)     north cork a.c.     02:54:59
Pos     Cat     Name     Club     Time
1     Senior     TEAM Simply suits (6537)     WATERGRASSHILL A.C.     02:31:52
2     Senior     TEAM UCC Athletics Club (6569)     U.C.C. A.C.     02:36:57
3     Senior     TEAM Running Out of Time (6130)     MIDLETON A.C.     02:46:59

Full results HERE

Photos....(Updated Wed 6th June 6:01pm)
1) There will be 7 albums going up on the Running in Cork Facebook page...
...a) Groups
...b) On bridge near the Opera House...Near 1 mile mark of full
...c) On bridge near the Opera House...Near 1 mile mark of full
...d) Near 3 mile mark of full
...e) Near 3 mile mark of full
...f) Near 3 mile mark of full
...g) Final batch near the 3 mile mark of the full
2) Marathon man Kieran Minihane took a load of high quality photos... click HERE
3) Derek Costello of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE
4) Doug Minihane has two galleries... One near Tivoli ... and one at the start/finish line
5) Barry McCarthy has a nice album of about 500 pics HERE
6) Mick Dooley has about 70 pics HERE
7) Adrian Foley has a number of different galleries...
...a) On the Mahon walkway
...b) Start of the South Link Road
...c) Start of the South Link Road & Some on Patricks St
...d) Patricks St
...e) Patricks St
...f) Patricks St
8) Kieran O'Callaghan has several nice galleries...
...a) Before 21 mile mark
...b) More from before the 21 mile mark
...c) Part 3 from the same spot
...d) Bridge before Mardyke walk
9) The Cork City Marathon have their own gallery HERE

Flavour of the day....

Start of the marathon from C103...

Barry Drake of CRY 104 interviews some of the top names in the 2018 Cork City Marathon...


cathalhistory said...

8.30 start might be worth keeping as might a move to march or April. The numbers for the full are in continued decline which needs to be addressed otherwise there won't be any marathon in a few years. A well run event and there was a obvious spin off to traders as evidenced by the cafes and shops and pubs doing well.

Anonymous said...

I think the numbers for marathon will continue to decline if things aren't addressed. Can't see why the Half marathon time can't be changed either id start it at the same time on Albert . If it started at same time is wouldn't impede on full runners. Felt sorry for Full runners having to navigate past walkers that were doing the half, and not only that but full relay teams deciding to run the final few hundred metres together. It would also be easier to disguinish who was doing what. I would hate to see a decline in numbers but I fear it may happen for the full. The half and relay seem to be the money makers on a day like yesterday, not that there is anything wrong with that. But just a couple of more tweaks here and there and everybody would be happy. The 8.30 start time worked well. Roll on 2019

anon said...

Problem with starting the same time is elite marathon runners would encounter slow half runners and be impeded. So no perfect solution. Two separate courses would take too many stewards.

Unknown said...

Thanks to organisers and volunteers, great event.
If the relay etc. is needed to have the marathon then it's a price worth paying.
The city looked brilliant yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million to the Volunteers and organisers, really well run event.
The 08:30 start was a great success.
What ever is required we should try to retain the event, if that's a relay, moving the date etc. then so be it.
The City looked amazing yesterday.

Liam said...

Agree re he 830 start..definitely better. Also stewards needs to be more aware. Some of the early leaders nearly went wrong near ringmahon. Roads should also be properly closed. A person did a u turn right across the runners just before the 2nd changeover..just really ignorant and the 3rd changeover was mental.. like the top of a mountain stage on the tour de France barely enough room for 1-2 runners abrest. It's a great event but these things are important to the runners

Anonymous said...

Suggest toilets at at 4th Relay Change be down side street, this would take the toilet queue of the main course, the queue had to be rushed off the course yesterday as the race leaders approached.

Anonymous said...

I have done the full a few times in Cork and I think yesterday was another improvement on previous years. As a previous comment mentioned, the city looked great and the support was unreal. I felt proud being a Corkman running our own streets yesterday and a huge congrats to the organisers for stepping up to the mark. The weather is always going to be the marathons weak point so a move to the spring would be welcomed by me anyway.

Gerry Farrell said...

Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers for a fantastic event, the support was unbelievable and it's a great uplift when you are finding it tough, I was a proud Cork man yesterday taking part in the full marathon. It is ashame numbers are declining for the full marathon as it's a fantastic course.
I did find it abit heart breaking when some of the half marathoners came flying past me fresh out at the merging point, however that's not even a complaint it's just in my own head.
Great event and Cork should be very proud, long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

Agree that there was a great buzz in the city and that the event was a huge success, and that the few tweaks mentioned above would make it even better.
Water stations etc were great again, plenty opportunity to get fluids on board on a hot day. Great support all over the course. Tracking app for friends/family this year was great also.
The 08:30 start was welcome and i wouldn't be opposed to going even earlier to 08:00. I think the summmer timing and heat could be alleviated by starting as early as possible.
I'd ideally like to see all the races start at the same time from the same point, but getting a course for the full and half that would both finish in town to maximise the atmosphere would be very difficult I'd imagine. Then if you start them at the same time from different places you have the drawback of traffic for the elite full runners with the slower half runners. Hard to tick all the boxes on this one.
The relay changeover points can get very congested - not ideal when you are 20 odd miles in. They definitely need to do something about the relay teams that all run down St.Patrick Street together (or, as seen in years past, who all decide to just run/walk the final leg together four or five abreast). Again very unfair on those struggling home in the half/full.
I'd actually like to see the relay removed from the day's proceedings to focus on those in the full/half, but I assume it is necessary to help fund the whole thing. I suppose that while readers on here are most likely regular runners we're in the minority in the population as a whole, and that for many people a half might even be too much (that's a whole different debate on fitness/obesity/sedentary lifestyles etc).

But, all in all, a great day, good race and lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

From a spectators point of view...

Earlier start was a great success IMO. I'm not sure about going even earlier though as that might impede people going to work etc a little too much. As it is people will travel to work a little earlier but would they be happy to go even earlier again ?? Mass times have also been adjusted in some Churches to fall into line with the road closures and it may not be practical to try to change these again.

Starting the half at the same time would drag out the finishing line time for too long IMO. Runners would be arriving in from 10am or so until around 2:30 rather than from 11am as it is now. That would also mean that the Marathon leaders would be arriving and for the last few miles have to make their way through the bulk of the half field.

Relay is a massive success as well - it's most likely the biggest cash generator and also adds to the volume of people around the place which enhances the atmosphere no end. Plenty of those come back as well to do the half and no doubt a few will progress on to the full. Some of those people get the biggest kick out of the day as for many it will be the biggest sports event that they've ever taken part in. Also, don't forget that "One mans mile is another mans marathon...."
I can see where people are coming from with whole teams crossing the line but if they're made aware, perhaps with a steward advising them at the point where they all join up (set up a point if necessary) then a lot of problems could be averted. Small kids can cause bigger problems IMO as they're totally unaware but where do you draw the line ? No-one wants to spoil peoples celebrations as none of know how far in life some people have travelled to reach that finishing line.

Overall I thought it was a fantastic day and was greatly enhanced by the weather. Whilst it may have been tough to run in it was great for spectators and indeed for the runners.....once they'd finished !!! There's a few small bits that probably still need ironing out but without a shadow of a doubt it's improved year on year so kudos to the organisers for that. On top of earlier suggestions I'd also like to see the podium put in a more public spot - maybe alongside the timing tents but facing the Penneys side so more people could see the presentations. That's only a small thing though and overall they're doing something right.

I better shut up now !!

Brian Ahern said...

Think from what I can see most of the organisation of the race was top class. All the above points or very valid. The big issue for me is the half joining at the marina. Not for the first time it messed up my marathon to a certain degree. The 1hr45 half joined the marathon right as I was coming along by the entrance to Pairc Ui chaoimh. As the large numbers with the pacer joined the main road I was really put off my stride and the upcoming water station was to close. Fresh half runners crossed and as I emerged out of the lane that was to short I nearly went over from some of the runners crossing. To find a safe path I pushed ahead of this group but that was a big mistake as my pace dropped 30seconds or more in that mile and I paid for that coming nearer to the end. Somehow a route has to be found so that the two don't join up until near the Elysian where the road is fine and wide. Other than that a great day.

Anonymous said...

Loving the pics! Thanks to Doug Minihane, Kieran Minihane, Derek Costello, John Desmond, Barry McCarthy, Mick Dooley & Adrian Foley for all the great photos!

Anonymous said...

I did the full and it was great. I think those waiting to take the wristband from their team mates should only be allowed on one side of the road only. It was like the tour de france at one stage trying to get through,although that was good for atmosphere.
I struggled to engage with fellow marathon runners as there were so few around me.
The heroic nature of doing a marathon needs to be emphasised more, I think people are taking the easy option. Put the challenge up to Corkonians.

Anonymous said...

Great day and great atmosphere around the city. Must take huge organisation so thank you to all the organisers , stewards , water stations and medical people and everyone involved , chapeau to all , a credit to Cork.
On a tiny moan when we registered on the Saturday for the half they had run out of small t shirts which I had put on my reg which is slight disappointing being honest and usually a goody bag is named same because umm might be goodies in it ��Now I don't do events for these but it's a nice touch in both cases so nice to pay attention to the small things to

Anonymous said...

i want to thank everyone who gave out water sweets oranges jellies and screamed out love and support. The volunteers were amazing and we could not do this marathon year after year without their kindness support and volunteering to make Cork proud. Thanks so much I have done the full marathon a good number of times and it never fails to disappoint. See you next year xxx

Anonymous said...

This year they said collect race pack at expo. Not goody bag which was stated in previous years..they got the main things right .

Anonymous said...

I Just want to thank everyone involved in this event. I did the full last year and the half this year and can say that both are well catered for. This year was wonderful as I found much more support from locals and way more water seemed to appear long before water stops. The finish line is always the cream of the crop and I felt like an olympian finishing the line. i think its great that there were so many relay teams this year, it gives people who run shorter legs to feel part of a huge running event. It is great to see so many young people running on the relay teams. We need to get young people running , after all they are the runners of tomorrow. Over all it was a great day, thanks to everyone who said well done, the lads with the oranges and jellies and all the unsung heros who stand and wait till the last runner crosses the line. Till next year.