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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Latest stats for clubs in Cork...End of May 2018

At the start of June, Athleitcs Ireland released their membership stats for the end of May 2018. As outlined in this previous post, they showed some interesting national trends...

1) Growth in club membership seems to have stalled.
2) Continuing drop in the number of younger adults (aged under 35 yrs)
3) Drop in juvenile membership
4) Continued growth in the number of recreational runners aged 35+.

This was also reflected in the Cork figures with club membership (adults & children) declining by 2.1% in the last 12 months.

In this post, we'll look at the adult membership in Cork clubs and see how they are doing. These are the athletic clubs in Cork with more than 100 adult members (in either of the last two years)...

As can be seen from the chart above, the likes of Mallow AC are well up on the same time last year where as Leevale and Ballymore Cobh AC drop a good bit.

There are 14 clubs listed above and 6 are up while 8 are down. That's the thing about club membership in Cork, it's not that the main clubs are getting bigger rather that there are smaller regional clubs starting up with beginners programmes and they are the ones responsible for the overall rise in adult numbers.

These are the clubs with 50 to 100 adult members...

Doneraile and Mt.Hillary are new clubs with 97 and 53 members respectively.

These are the clubs with 20 to 50 members...

There's a big jump in numbers for Millstreet while Carrigtwohill is down. Beara AC are a new club in West Cork.

As always, these stats are for clubs registered with Athletics Ireland. There are a growing number of other running clubs who are doing their own thing.

You can find the stats for May 2018 up on the Athletics Ireland website.


Anonymous said...

A lot of the numbers are down from of those of last year which seems to be very strange. Do You have any idea why this is so John?

John Desmond said...

There seems to be a definite softening in the numbers of people running. This is especially so in the under 35 year old bracket who aren't really coming into the sport.

As for why? Are people busier with work as the economy improves? Other sports?