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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Results & Photos of the Great Railway Run... Sun 22nd Apr 2018

There was a record turnout for this years 25km Great Railway Run from Cork to Carrigaline with 363 finishers, a jump of almost 15% on last year! The 10k was also a new record, up 4.7% on last year.

The results are now available...

1    Alan O Shea    Bantry      1:24:43 SM    916
2    Alan O Brien    Carrigaline      1:26:28   SM    924
3    Michael Morgan    Cork      1:28:57  SM    860
5    Barry O Shea    Piltown      1:37:56   SM    95
6    Tim Twomey    Cork      1:38:26     SM    1014
4    Claire Gibbons-McCarthy    Bandon      1:33:03   SF    727
12    Sorcha Kearney    cork      1:44:20    F40    780
34    Kerrie Collins    cork      1:54:14   SF    644
41    Colette O Donoghue    Watergrasshill      1:56:48    SF    1046

1     Declan Power     Dublin 13         35:19     SM     287
2     Sebastian Mucke     Gaimersheim         37:54     SM     210
3     Garrett Casey     Cork         39:58     SM     39
7     Ailbhe McDaid     Cork         40:55     SF     356
16     Stephanie Johnson     Clonmel         45:15     SF     141
18     Jane Peetersoo     Cork City         45:27     SF     284

Photos to follow...(Updated Mon 23rd Apr 10pm)
1) There will be 8 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page
...a) Start & Near Blackrock Castle
...b) There are just over 500 finish line photos HERE
...c) There are some prize giving photos HERE
...d) 25k runners about 200m from the finish line (1:45 to 2:08)
...e) 200m from the finish line... 25k 2:08-2:24 / 10k 1st-0:51
...f) 200m from the finish line... 25k 2:24-2:35 / 10k 0:51-1:02
...g) 200m from the finish line... 25k 2:35 plus / 10k 1:02 plus
...h) Prizes (Close up)


The Great Railway Run 10K Race Results

Senior Men Place Athlete's Name Location Time Bib
1 Declan Power Dublin 13 00:35:19 287
2 Sebastian Muck Gaimersheim 00:37:54 210
3 Garrett Casey Cork 00:39:58 39

Men over 40 1 Fergal Brennan Carrigaline 00:43:00 22
Men over 45 1 Colin O Herlihy Carrigaline 00:40:33 124
Men over 50 1 John Howard Co. Cork 00:53:55 135
Men over 55 1 John Guerin Cork 01:02:07 109
Men over 60 1 Brendan Murphy Rochestown 00:47:33 350
Men over 65 1 Ken Higgs Crosshaven 00:50:56 132

Senior Women Place Athlete's Name Location Time Bib
1 Ailbhe McDaid 00:40:55 356
2 Stephanie Johnson Clonmel 00:45:15 141
3 Jane Peetersoo Cork City 00:45:27 284

Women over 40 1 Bernadette Lee carrigaline 00:47:37 164
Women over 45 1 Sheila Trunwit Bandon 00:53:16 324
Women over 50 1 Mairead Flynn waterford 00:56:19 98
Women over 55 1 Frances O Connor Carrigaline 00:50:43 257
Women over 60 1 Betty O Riordan Macroom 00:56:14 273
Women over 65 1 Mary Linehan Cork 01:06:59 168

The Great Railway Run 25K Race Results

Senior Men Place Athletes name Town Gun Time Chip Time Category Bib
1 Alan O Shea Bantry 1:24:43 1:24:43 SM 916
2 Alan O Brien Carrigaline 1:26:28 1:26:28 SM 924
3 Michael Morgan Cork 1:28:57 1:28:57 SM 860
4 Barry O Shea Piltown 1:37:56 1:37:56 SM 950

Men over 40 1 Billy O Brien Cork 1:40:42 1:40:42 M40 895
Men over 45 1 Shane Kearney Dublin 6 1:48:56 01:48:54 M45 1072
Men over 50 1 Tony Cambridge Carrigaline 1:39:15 1:39:15 M50 634
Men over 55 1 Ross Philip Cork 2:23:06 02:22:48 M55 962
Men over 60
Men over 65 1 Andrew O Farrell Carrigaline 2:10:16 02:09:53 M65 941

Senior Women Place Athletes name Town Gun Time Chip Time Category Bib
1 Claire Gibbons-McCarthy Bandon 1:33:03 1:33:03 SF 727
2 Sorcha Kearney cork 1:44:20 01:44:19 SF 780
3 Kerrie Collins cork 1:54:14 01:54:10 SF 644
4 Colette O Donoghue Watergrasshill 1:56:48 01:56:44 SF 1046

Women over 40 1 Linda Kelly Cork 2:01:09 02:01:02 F40 786
Women over 45 85 Josephine Kelleher Cork 2:02:20 02:02:14 F45 784
Women over 50 116 Mary Buckley Cork 2:06:29 02:06:14 F50 625
Women over 55 147 Claire Fowler Tramore 2:11:10 02:10:48 F55 718
Women over 65 292 Fatma Boukerche Ringaskiddy 2:31:57 02:30:29 F65 613

The race website is


Anonymous said...

Brilliantly organised, definitely one of the best events on the calendar. Well done to all concerned

Anonymous said...

Fantastic run, really helped that the day was so good. Excellent water supplies and stewards. The results seem to be wrong for some runners. Overall a great event.


Has anybody else had any problems with their finishing time not appearing in the 25km results? There was no sign of my race number (841 I think)when I went to collect it on Sunday morning before the race start so I was allocated a new one. No problem with that except my new number doesn't appear in the results. By my reckoning I finished in 24th position which would have given me first place in my age category (M45), unless others are also missing from the results. Does anybody know who I can contact to enquire into this? It would be lousy to miss out on a prize, if I have won one. I don't win too many!

John Ruddy Wicklow said...

Really well organised event that takes great care of the runners on the road and afterwards- the number of helpers is remarkable. This year was the 4th time I have travelled from Wicklow for either the 25k or the 10k and each time has been worth the trip. I don't know the organising structure but it appears to an outsider that Conor Phelan contributes hugely to the success and is a very positive force for running in the area. Many thanks to him in particular.

John Desmond said...

With so many runners, a few errors are bound to slip in. Anyone who has any questions about their times or positions should contact the organisers via the race website (link at bottom of post). Keep an eye on the Premier Timing site for corrections.

Anonymous said...

Well done again. Change of route made finish tougher but then 25K is never easy.. Love the atmosphere, scenery, stewarding, water and finish area.. Congrats to all involved..

Lozza said...

Great event, my sis and brother in law ran the 25, I ran the 10. Thanks to everyone involved, marshals etc, well looked after at the finish, sarnies, coffee etc. Pass on our regards

Anonymous said...

Well done guys on a good race. I saw it advertised here a few months back and it was certainly worth the trip. I hope to make it back in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic event. so well organised, start to finish. well done to all involved.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the course and the overall running of it,t weather and even music added to the great atmosphere,,fantastic food afterwards

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliantly organised race will be back next year. Would like chip timing at start of 10km

Anonymous said...

Great event and organization again this year. Only gripe would be that it's not difficult to capture the participants' clubs during registration so they can be displayed in the results.