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Monday, June 26, 2017

Notice...West Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon - Sat 2nd Sept 2017

This brand new half-marathon is coming up in West Waterford on Saturday the 2nd of September 2017 and entries are limited to just 500 places!

Update Tuesday 27th June 11:00pm.......All entries are now gone. Took less than 2 days to close!!

The new Greenway which runs from Waterford City to Dungarvan follows the route of the old railway line and opened earlier this year. With a combination of mountain and coastal views, it has been really popular with walkers, runners and cyclists.

For this new half-marathon, the 500 participants will be taken by bus from Dungarvan to Kilmacthomas. The race will start near Kilmacthomas and will finish near Ballinroad near Dungarvan. The race will start at 9am.

Entry link

This is likely to fill up fast so don't delay entering if you are interested.

From West Waterford AC..."This is a point to point race starting in Kilmacthomas. The headquarters for the race will be the Hall in Ballinroad close to where the race will finish. We will provide a limited amount of transport from Ballinroad to the start line or you can organise your own. We will not be arranging transport back to Kilmacthomas after the race."

Some info about the Greenway HERE


Anonymous said...

Quick question, will there be refreshments after run.. Will we get a medal and a tee shirt. Cant find any information on this run. save busses leave from ballinroad to start line, we run back to ballinroad. Is there much parking there.

Anonymous said...

Just saw run finishes near Ballinroad near Dungarvn, where is best to park?????????????????? dont fancy walking too must after Marathon.. Also any cup of tea going after?...

Anonymous said...

I'm not doing it if I don't get a medal or a cup of tea. The bus better have toilets too.

In all seriousness this should be good lovely surface down there only worry id have is the start, it will be cramped and should really be outlined that the fast boys get up the front which they usually do it's the slower runner that decides to stand up front and take off as 2 mile an hour that causes the trouble. Shanagarry Thursday night was dangerous.

Alan M Lynch said...

some people are hard work , they might be better off staying at home :-)
Alan Lynch