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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Entry Procedure for the 2017 Ballycotton 10

Update...Wed 7th Dec...The entry link is HERE


The following is the entry procedure for next year’s Ballycotton ’10’ which will take
place on Sunday March 12th. Once again, numbers are limited and there will be a
combination of online and postal entries, as follows:

1) Online entries will open on Wednesday December 7th at 2pm, when the first 1,000
will be accepted. At 8pm the same evening a further 1,000 will be accepted, making
an initial online total of 2,000.

2) For Athletics Ireland and Athletics Northern Ireland affiliated members plus those who ran the four races in the Ballycotton Summer Series 2016, along with those
living overseas, an additional online facility will open on Thursday December 8th at
10am until midnight on Friday December 9th.

3) Postal entries: A PDF copy of the entry form will be published on the Ballycotton
website on the evening of Friday December 9th, and will also be available in the usual
local outlets.

All club and Summer Series entrants (see above) and overseas will be accepted by
post up to and including Friday December 16th.The first 200 non-club entries to
arrive by post will be also be added to the above. (All postal entries close on Friday
December 16th).

4) As usual, a limited number of elite entries will be available nearer the date.
Entry fee for the 2017 race is again €15 (plus booking fee of €1.05, if entering online).
No refunds (this also applies for duplicate entries) or no transfers.


Anonymous said...

Do you have to be registered with an Athletics Club to enter? How do you enter if you are not a club member?

Tommy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Please read the procedure and all is explained.

David said...

It doesn't explain to be fair

Anonymous said...

If your not with a club how do you enter this race and when please TIA

Anonymous said...

Non-club runners get to enter online on Wednesday. Those who are members of a club can also enter on Wednesday as well as Thirsday and Friday. If they are any way sporting though they will not enter on Wednesday. They are fully entitled to but it would be greedy. Please give non-club runners a chance.

Anonymous said...

Really slow tedious system. Takes ages to move from page to page then times out. What a waste of time...Very disappointing.

Declan Cox said...

Totally agree with the last comment. The primoevents site was a disaster yesterday, didn't get in , so disappointed.

Anonymous said...

tried and tried again but site kept crashing same for other people i know failed to register ..yes i agree with last person total disaster margaret cork