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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Ballycotton 10 entries open for club and series runners on Thurs 8th Dec

Ballycotton 10 Entries...Day 2.

Day One could have gone better with the Primo entry website being unable to handle the volume of entries. Primo seem to be fine with smaller races where the demand is spread out but they obviously don't have the capacity to handle large traffic volumes.

Today Thursday the 8th, the the turn of club and Summer Series runners. Entries open at 10am.

Here is a reminder of the conditions...

2) For Athletics Ireland and Athletics Northern Ireland affiliated members plus those
who ran the four races
in the Ballycotton Summer Series 2016, along with those
living overseas, an additional online facility will open on Thursday December 8th at
10am until midnight on Friday December 9th.

3) Postal entries: A PDF copy of the entry form will be published on the Ballycotton
website on the evening of Friday December 9th, and will also be available in the usual
local outlets. All club and Summer Series entrants (see above) and overseas will be accepted by
post up to and including Friday December 16th.The first 200 non-club entries to
arrive by post will be also be added to the above. (All postal entries close on Friday
December 16th).

>>> Entry link is here ...

All queries regarding online entries to Primo at:

The entry procedure is outlined in this previous post.


Anonymous said...

Getting an error in the entry form's first page..

Failed to convert property value of type java.lang.String to required type java.util.Date for property entrant.dob; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not parse date: Unparseable date: "$date.format(dd/MM/yyyy,$PageInfo.entrant.dob)"

Major panic setting in right now

Anonymous said...

I bet you are registering from a work network. Their firewall is blocking the java validation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it worked on my phone

Unknown said...

I had no problem took only 3 minutes to register

Anonymous said...

As an AI member, I registered on Thursday. I had no issue, the site was quick, responsive and easy to follow. I appreciate on Wed, when you have high numbers competing for limited places, it was different. First come first served and technology don't mix, users become frustrated with technology and process, and it harms the reputation of event. Given the high numbers applying, they may want to adopt a raffle process, where users can register their details online over 2 days, names go in a hat, and first 2000 receive a email and link to pay, remove the technology from the equation, and give all a fair shot.