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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

€75k grant for new running trail in Carrigaline

Various municipal grants for various projects in Cork were announced on Monday the 21st of November.

One of these was a €75,000 grant for a running trail around the Community Park in Carrigaline. The new surface is supposed to be softer than tarmac and concrete and it will be easier on the legs.

It's probably likely that it will mean an upgrade of the existing trail around the perimeter of the park. I measured this and it seems to be around 800m.

While it may not be of interest to people who want to do a long run, it will be of interest to beginners and people doing a Couch to 5k course. The fact that it is safe and lit should be a welcome addition in the dark evenings during the Winter months.

Further afield, these grants were also announced...

Rochestown...€30,000 will be given to protect the pedestrian/cyclepath on the old railway line from Hop Island in Rochestown to Passage West from erosion by the sea.

Rochestown...€50,000 will be used to provide a new outdoor fitness zone on the Rochestown end of the old railway line and to provide landscaping and street furniture in the Community Park/Mangala, Douglas.

Ballincollig...€30,000 will be used to upgrade an additional 1.5km of walking trail in the Regional Park, Ballincollig.

Source: Cllr Marcia Dalton.

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Anonymous said...

I think runners in carrigaline would be a lot happier if they stuck up a few lights along the crosshaven walkway