Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results of the Coolagown 5k road race...Thurs 12th Sept 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

Results of the Coolagown 5k road race...Thurs 12th Sept 2013

1    16:54    HAYES, Frank    East Cork AC    M40    05:26.3
2    17:11    HEGARTY, Brian    Leevale AC    M    05:31.7
3    17:19    O'SULLIVAN, Johnny    Galtee Runners AC    M40    05:34.3
26    19:34    MOORE, Ann    Leevale AC    F45    06:17.7
36    20:11    FITZGIBBON, Clotilde    Grange-Fermoy AC    F45    06:29.7
47    20:56    ENNIS, Joan    Grange-Fermoy AC    F45    06:44.1

The full results can be seen HERE


Anonymous said...

It was a lovely race, great stewarding, nice course & great hospitality after. Hope it will be an annual event.

caroline said...

well done to everyone who organized this race. Thoroughly enjoyable sporting experience with do-able challenges (2 hills!!!!) hope its an annual event!!

Anonymous said...

I echo the above comments. One slight issue I'd raise. The signs ('1' '2' and '3') indicating distance ran didn't indicate if this were miles or km. Some novices reaching the '1' sign might have been wondering if they had ran just 1km rather than a mile!, especially considering the race full distance was in km. (organisers, please paint in 'miles' or 'mi' on these signs for future :)