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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Runner dies at Bristol Half-Marathon...

There was a piece on the BBC News website a few days ago about the Bristol Half-Marathon in the west of England in which a male runner died during the event. It doesn't go into the exact cause but it might be no harm to remind beginners new to running that if anyone has any doubts and are beginning to exercise on a regular basis then they should first get checked out by their doctor.

The Bristol Half-Marathon itself seems like it was a major event with approximatively 10,000 runners taking part. However, it seems it had other problems as well in that the type of timing chips that they used were liable to fall off if the weather was poor. It shows the value of a back-up system just in case something goes wrong.

"Runners are timed by ankle-worn microchips and sensors around the course, but more than 900 runners did not get an official time in 2010 after these fell off. Speaking then, organisers said it was believed the chips had fallen off due to the bad weather around the course. Race officials had to check video recordings at the start and finish to verify their timings. Some of the elite runners also lost their chips but their times were being measured by stop watch.
The first Bristol Half Marathon was held in 1989 when it attracted 10,000 runners. In 2010, more than 16,400 people signed up with 11,166 starting the race."

The original piece on the BBC News website can be seen HERE


John Quigley said...

It is always terrible to hear about a death in any race. Thankfully, here in Cork, we have not had a death during a race, as far as I recall, though we had two close calls just four years ago.

After an incident in a local race in 2007, Pfizer (Little Island) provided defibrillator training for some 40 people from across teh athletic community. (Thankfully the incident mentioned had a happy outcome and the individual survived thanks to the timely intervention of Midleton AC's Noel O'Regan and the availability of a defibrillator and oxygen. Four months after that incident another one occurred and again the availability of a defibrillator was crucial and the individual survived.

The Bristol incident is a timely reminder to us. Only last Wednesday, I raised the topic of CPR/Defibrillator refresher training at the Cork AAI Co. Board monthly meeting, and this is to be arranged.

Many clubs, including my own (Eagle AC) now have defibrillators and most of the larger races have ambulances and medics, with defibrillators, on hand. Time is absolutely crucial in these cases and it isn't confined to races - it could happen in your own home. My advice is for everyone to get trained in CPR and the use of defibrillators - everyone won't do that, but some will.

Finally, wrt BBC reporting's news when a (supposedly fit and trained) marathon participant dies and it's rare (thank God!). Nobody bothers reporting it when someone dies on a golf course happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

The runner that died was the Son of a very good friend of mine. He had in the past couple of years done two 10k runs, was slim and very fit!
Such a tragic loss at this early age, makes you realize that the gift of life can be taken away from us at any given time without notice. Hug someone close to you while you can.