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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The cost of organising a major Marathon...

So just how much does it cost to organise a major Marathon? Obviously there are a lot on factors to take into consideration. Things like how big the event is, if it is run in a major city with lots of busy roads or in the countryside with only a few road junctions to worry about.
For people new to the sport, there are obvious things like the t-shirt, medal and bottles of water. Behind the scenes however are the less obvious costs which all add up. The graph on the left shows the percentage costs involved in a typical marathon in the United States.

The average marathon there now costs $85, up 30% or so in the last 5 years. In Euro terms, $85 is approx €62 which is comparable with prices in Ireland. The video clip below gives an outline of the costs....(advert at start).

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