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Monday, May 03, 2010

A word of warning for those training at the UCC Farm....
Many local runners use the pitches at the UCC Farm for training purposes. If you train there, then please read the following message from Ken Devine of St.Finbarr's AC...

There is a guy in a 06 grey Toyota (I think Avensis) who is scamming runners using the farm. This guy drove up behind me yesterday as I got out of my car and gave me some story about been from Bantry and having car trouble. I didn't take a whole lot of notice of him or give him any money. I met another runner later during the morning and she told me it had also happened to her when she arrived yesterday, and that she had recognized him from a few weeks ago as he had  talked her out of 10 euro with a story (wallet in the wife's car going to a wedding, run out of petrol etc). 

This is what I think is happening - He must be parked somewhere out of sight and watching cars arriving, as he has a limited time to approach people from the time they park on the road and get out of their car and start running. He probably changes his story depending if its a male or female runner who gets out of the car. People should not give this guy money - also if you're female and the gate is open you should park inside the grounds. Also be very careful with your car keys.

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