Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Spirit of the Marathon - Part 10 of 10

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Spirit of the Marathon - Part 10 of 10

This is the final part of the Spirit of the Marathon series. It's shows what make the Marathon special....ordinary runners achieving their personal goals after months of training. The media tend to concentrate on on the fast runners but it's the army of slower runners that make the Marathon a special event.

Hope you enjoyed this 10 part series here.............or was I the only one watching them? ;o)


Anonymous said...

Hi,its my first marathon on the 7th and the spirit series really helped me focus on the race.i could really relate to what the various runners were going through,and hopefully i will be smiling on the 7th.Thanks Allan

Mary O'Leary said...

I actually bought the DVD back in October when I decided to train for the Cork marathon and I really enjoy puttiing it on now and then. I'd also recommend any of the movies about Steve Prefontaine (like "without limits"), for anybody trying to stave off the taper madness this week.