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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photographs of the Donoughmore 7, July 2009...
Here are another selection of photos taken by Jorge Ruiz Villasante of the Donoughmore race on the 17th of July. Yet again, the quality of these shots are superb. Obviously Jorge is using a pretty good camera but there's more to it than that when taking a good photo. You need to have a 'good eye' for a photo. It's simple to point and shoot with a camera.......knowing where and when to shoot is what really makes the difference.
Here are a few I picked out...

The start of the Donoughmore 7 mile race on a lovely summer evening.

I even managed to squeeze into this one....that's me there......43rd from the left.

Runners going past the local post office in the heart of Donoughmore. Not an easy image to capture with the background in bright sunshine and the runners in the foreground in shadow.

This one for me captures the essence of the Donoughmore 7.....nice quiet country roads.

A simple shot but very effective.

With the runners in the background and the Celtic crosses, it can only be a race in rural Ireland.

Time for some refreshments...

Thanks to Jorge for the photos. You can see a slideshow of all the images HERE.

Jorge also has his own photo website if you care to take a look.

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