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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Could jogging be bad for you?"...ask the BBC...
Some of you may have seen on the news last Sunday that President Sarkozy of France "fell ill while jogging". Needless to say, this got the 'armchair experts' going and they posed the question of whether jogging/running was bad for you?

Of course, the answer was no as the overall health benefits outweigh any other issues. They offer the following advice...

1) Don't overdo it - faster than a walk is sufficient for a beginner........fair enough
2) Don't use an iPod when running in the street or road because you need to be attuned to your environment.......there you go, stay attuned
3) Scan the ground in front of you to detect uneven surfaces........??? Considering the state of the roads around Cork, if we were to 'scan ahead', we would probably need to run on our hands and knees ;o)

The full story is HERE.

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