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Friday, January 09, 2009

Weather Forecast for the Mallow 10 on Sun 11th Jan......
It looks as if the current cold snap will come to an end by the weekend with the temperature reaching double figures for the race on Sunday. It will however be very windy with a strong gale from the South. This will probably have more of an impact in the first half of the race. A cold weather front is also crossing the country on Sunday which will likely bring some rain. With 24 hours to go, the forecast looks a little bit better now. It looks as if the cold front won't arrive proper until the latter half of Sunday. It's likely that around mid-day, it will be cloudy, very windy but it may not actually be raining. At that stage, it is really hit or miss whether there is any rain could be windy with no rain OR it could be windy with light rain. All you can say for certain is that it will be windy!! ;o).

Met Eireann predict the following........"Sunday will be a very windy day with strong to gale force southerly winds. Despite the winds it will be mild with temperatures in double figures. There will be further rain, intermittent at first, but turning persistent and occasionally heavy later."

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