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Monday, January 26, 2009

Results of the Cork BHAA 'FMC' Little Island 4 Mile Road Race - Sun 25th Jan 2009
A little bit of that Ballycotton /East Cork luck seemed to rub off on the Little Island race yesterday as the skies cleared just in time for the race. The morning earlier was awful with driving rain and high winds as the centre of a low pressure weather system passed over Kerry. At 11am for the race, the centre of the low passed over East Cork, the skies cleared, the winds dropped and the sun beamed down. Not long after the race, the centre of the low passed and the bad weather returned. Talk about lucky!!

Results.......the full results are now available HERE.
These are the category results...
FMC 4-Mile Road Race (Cork BHAA), Little Island
1 J McCarthy (Richard McCarthy) 20:26; 2 S McGrath (McGrath Landscaping) 20:26; 3 C Merritt (Army) 20:43; 4 C Marshall (HSE) 21:21; 5 S Simcox (Leisure World) 21:40; 6 P Tucker (temp-reg) 21:47; 7 K Wilmot (Bandon Tyres) 21:57; 8 J Shanahan (Dept of Educ) 22:07; 9 F O’Carroll (Proscon) 22:08; 10 G Waugh (FAS) 22:10; 11 A O'Reilly (temp-reg) 22:12; 12 J Meade (Joyce-Wolfe) 22:29.
M40: 1 N O’Regan (Army) 22:48; 2 K Edwards (Jim Edwards) 23:46; 3 C McMahon (Phoenix Clinic) 24:13.
M45: 1 S Byczek (Dairypower) 24:17; 2 D Carroll (Blarney Woollen Mills) 24:44; 3 M Bulman (Army) 24:54.
M50: 1 J Collins (Team adidas) 23:42; D Horgan (Midleton UDC) 25:49; 3 W O’Riordan (Army) 26:09.
M55: 1 J Gough (Mileeven Foods) 23:53; 2 J O’Halloran (ESB) 30:17; 3 F Linehan (Plant Hire) 30:28.
M60: 1 L O’Leary (Cork City Co) 27:47; 2 P Gyves (ITW Hi-Cone) 28:06.
M65: 1 J Cotter (ESB) 29:16; 2 J O’Mahony (UCC) 30:10.
(Grade A) 1 Army 70; 2 UCC 158; 3 Millipore 491.
(Grade B) 1 FAS 122; 2 Proscon 130; 3 IPS 213.
(Grade C) 1 Naval Service 311; 2 ESB 460; 3 An Post/Eircom 477.
Women: 1 L Cavanagh (temp-reg) 24:02; 2 A Quad (temp-reg) 24:31; 3 A MacPhail (UL, F35) 24:44; 4 M Sweeney (Private Hospitals, F45) 25:28; 5 L Geary (BoI) 25:33; 6 H Leonard (temp-reg) 26:21.
F35: A-M Power (Glenside Environment) 28:32.
F40: H Kelleher (HSE) 27:25.
F45: M Murphy (HSE) 28:41.
F50: M Beausang (Midleton News) 35:19.
F55: M Barry (Midleton News) 32:53.
Team: (Grade A) 1 Dept of Education; 2 UCC. (Grade B) 1 Joyce-Wolfe; 2 Midleton News.
Around 390 finished the meantime, there are loads of photos for you to pour over.
Richard Cuddy took a set of 234 photos and you can see his photo gallery HERE.
Paudie Birmingham took a set of 196 photos and his gallery is HERE. If anyone would like high resolution copies of any of Paudie's photos, you can get his details on his photo blog.

1 comment:

John Dunphy said...

Hi John.

I would just like to thank the Bhaa for highlighting the male over 35's section at the recent road race this was agreed on at the Bhaa Agm last December,even though there is no catergory prize's for this age group i now feel at least this age group can see how they are doing at Bhaa events and hopefully encourage them to better themselves in future race's from previous results.

John Dunphy
Midleton Ac