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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ballycotton Entries............BHAA Website.........
1) Cork BHAA........Their website is now back up and running. Please note that they would like people to register as early as possible with them for the coming year. It only costs €10 for the year and this entitles you to a reduced entry fee for each race for the rest of the year (€5 instead of €7). You will find the application forms here.
2) Ballycotton 10 entries.........Note that e-mails to the Ballycotton site are not being answered at the moment. They are very busy sorting through the avalanche of entries! All should be ok again by the end of the week and the remainder of the entries (club members and people who ran the Summer Series) should be up early next week. They are currently in the (slow) process of returning the late entries and unfortunately they have a lot.

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