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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Poll....What was your longest race in 2008???
Before we go too far into the new year, it's time for a new poll. Question is.....What was your longest race in 2008??? Let see what most of you were up to and what was the longest distance. There are a few events where people might not be too sure........for example, the Ladies mini-Marathon was 4 miles. There were several lenghts in the relay section of the Cork Marathon......if this was your longest race, just pick the closest distance. See the poll on the right and select one.


Thomas said...

There is no option for the runners of the Connemara Ultra (or any other ultra)

John Desmond said...

Hi Thomas...I was going to but the numbers would be very small. I presume any Ultra runners would select the Marathon option anyway. Although looking at the numbers that picked the Marathon, maybe I should have!