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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Results of the Cork BHAA 'EMC' 5 km Road Race - Wed 9th July 2008
A big crowd turned out for this one, not exactly sure how many but it looked like it might be around the 300 mark. Certainly, the start area on the main road seemed to be very packed. Listening to some of the times after the race, it certainly is not a fast course and going up that hill twice slows everyone down. Yet despite the hills, it is still a nice course with some nice running along quiet roads.

Photos....John Quigley of Eagle AC made a welcome return with his camera and took 285 shots of the race. They show runners reaching the corner by the top of the hill first time round and runners at the finish line. The photo above shows the race leaders approaching the top of the hill for the first time.
The link for the photos is HERE.
Results...The full results are now available HERE.
"I would like to just say thanks to John Quigley of Eagle AC for the great work in taking all the photos and going to the effort in putting them up. It really is a nice touch...........Rob"
(By the way, the headphone debate continues HERE. John Quigley has just left a very detailed arguement as to why he is opposed to them)

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