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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Run for Charity in the Ballycotton 10...
Everybody who is doing the Ballycotton 10 should have recieved their race packs by now. Well, if you examined the contents carefully, you will have noticed that there is a sponsorship card in there for the Cork Cancer Research Centre. I know some people consider getting sponsorship just too much hassle. They just want to do the race and leave it at that.

Well, I recieved an e-mail from Fiona in the Cork Cancer Research Centre and she supplied the information shown below. If you read through it, you'll see that this really is a deserving cause and I think we could all put in a little effort to pass that sponsorship card around to family, friends and around work to get it filled up. Any money that you collect can be passed on to them at the community hall in Ballycotton on race day. So there is no need to be getting postal orders / cheques, etc.

Have a read through this and see if you can help...

With only two weeks to go before the famous Ballycotton ‘10’ takes to the roads around the scenic East Cork village, this year’s designated charity, the Cork Cancer Research Centre (CCRC), is appealing to all those who have entered in the race to run on their behalf.
This year’s race takes place on Sunday, 10th March and has attracted 3,100 runners from all over Ireland as well as the UK, the USA, Germany, and Belgium. ‘At this stage the 3,100 runners who have gained entry into the race should have received their race packs,’ said a spokesperson from the CCRC. ‘Each race pack contains a sponsorship card for the Cork Cancer Research Centre and we are delighted to be chosen as the official charity for this year’s race.’
‘We were surprised to see that the entry fee (EU12) for the Ballycotton ‘10’ is one of the cheapest for a race of its kind in the country. Therefore, we would appeal to runners to possibly consider donating what they would normally pay for a race to the CCRC’.
The CCRC will have a stand in the Community Hall in Ballycotton on the day of the race (Sunday, 9th March) and sponsorship money raced for the CCRC can be handed in to the stand on the day.
Bernice Glavin will also be attending the event and selling her book ‘The Journey’ at the CCRC stand. Bernice was diagnosed with cancer in November 2005 and the book tells of her own story of her battle with cancer. There are difficult moments as well amusing moments, however the book highlights that life goes on after cancer diagnosis and can, in fact, be enhanced by the experience.
Any runners wishing to obtain extra cards can do so by contacting the Cork Cancer Research Centre on 021 463 6612.
Join the fight against cancer and make a difference today – help us to influence the future. For further information, please contact Fiona or Orla on 021 463 6612 or visit

About the CCRC
Since 1999 the Cork Cancer Research Centre has been bringing new Cancer Prevention and Treatment initiatives to the people of Cork and Munster.
The Centre has been at the forefront of advancing cancer prevention in Cork by initiating a screening programme for patients at high risk of developing colon cancer, which it is hoped will aid in the earlier detection and possible prevention of this cancer. To date there are over 600 such patients identified and placed on the database for regular screening.
The research work carried out at the Centre since its inception has translated into three unique clinical studies, two focused on using less invasive surgery to treat inoperable cancers, and a third on the impact of diet and probiotic bacteria to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. The Drug Delivery Research team has demonstrated greatly improved treatment of cancer nodules previously unresponsive to conventional therapies and this is now been investigated for the treatment of internal cancers.
Coupled with the research to date, Cork Cancer Research Centre is focusing their efforts on the treatment of Cancer Metastases. They are excited about the recent results using Gene Therapy which show promise in using the body’s own immune system to prevent or reduce secondary spread. If we can treat or prevent secondary cancer spread then we will truly be able to positively change the prognosis of many cancer patients. This is the future of Cancer Research and CCRC is at the forefront of these developments.

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