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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Results of the Mallow 10 poll...
Thanks to everyone who took time to vote in this poll. With 113 votes, it was the largest poll so far on this blog.
The question asked was whether people would prefer a T-shirt for doing the race or be entered in a draw for 2 widescreen TV's. Approx 57% chose the T-shirt option with the balance of 43% choosing the TV draw option. Not a huge majority but a slight preference all the same.

I assume that some may have selected the T-shirt for a number of reasons. Maybe they had a widescreen TV already? Maybe they preferred to have got something instead of a 1:250 chance of getting a prize? If there were more prizes of a smaller value, would the result have changed? Anyway, I have passed on the poll results to Mallow AC and they can use it to plan next year's race.

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