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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Results of the Liscarroll 8 km road race - 25th August 2007

Looks like a small enough crowd turned out for the first running of the Liscarroll 8 km road race. I wonder if the high entry fee of €15 was responsible for this? Having a prize fund of €2,000 for a race that only had 53 people taking part seems huge.

So, what was the course like?.....hilly/flat? Well organised? Prizes? Refreshments?........Entry you think it was too expensive or was it fair?........if you did the race, you can leave a comment by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. (or click on Comment to see what others thought of the race)

So, here are the results...

Tom Fitzpatrick Memorial LISCARROLL '8K' Saturday 25 August 2007. 6:45 pm

Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile
1 0:27:28 GUINA Ger West Limerick AC M 05:31.4

2 0:27:34 STILWELL, Sean West Waterford AC M 05:32.6
3 0:28:10 HARTY, Philip West Waterford AC M 05:39.9
4 0:28:41 FITZGERALD, Arthur Farranfore-Maine Valley AC M 05:46.1
5 0:28:52 O'SULLIVAN, Niamh Riocht AC F 05:48.3
6 0:29:14 MURPHY, Timmy Togher AC M 05:52.7
7 0:29:35 MCCARTHY, Denis East Cork AC M40 05:57.0
8 0:30:06 BYCZEK, Stanislaw Midleton AC M45 06:03.2
9 0:30:32 CARROLL, Denis Eagle AC M45 06:08.4
10 0:31:50 SWEENEY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 06:24.1
11 0:32:10 O'LEARY, Mary Grange-Fermoy AC F40 06:28.1
12 0:32:32 KENNY, Denis St. Catherines AC M50 06:32.6
13 0:32:49 MURPHY, Joe Eagle AC M50 06:36.0
14 0:34:12 MARSHALL, Noel Shannon M 06:52.7
15 0:34:18 HOLLAND, John Mallow AC M55 06:53.9
16 0:34:29 DUNPHY, John Cork M 06:56.1
17 0:34:33 LYONS, Dave Mallow AC M 06:56.9
18 0:34:40 BRADY, John Charleville M50 06:58.3
19 0:34:43 BIRMINGHAM, Paudie Charleville M 06:58.9
20 0:35:11 KIELY, Michael Rising Sun AC M60 07:04.5
21 0:35:34 FINN, Mary Millstreet AC F45 07:09.2
22 0:35:35 SHINE, Donie Duhallow AC M50 07:09.4
23 0:35:41 MURPHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 07:10.6
24 0:35:46 MOLONEY, Pat Charleville M50 07:11.6
25 0:36:00 COLEMAN, Daniel Liscarroll MJ 07:14.4
26 0:36:04 MANGAN, Geraldine St. Finbarrs AC F35 07:15.2
27 0:36:06 HEALY, Brian Dunboyne AC M45 07:15.6
28 0:36:15 CULHANE, Jotty West Limerick AC M60 07:17.4
29 0:36:22 WALSHE, John East Cork AC M55 07:18.8
30 0:37:05 QUILLIGAN, Kevin Mallow AC M50 07:27.5
31 0:37:07 HEALY, Liam West Limerick AC M 07:27.9
32 0:37:18 FINN, Carol Duhallow AC FJ 07:30.1
33 0:37:35 TWOMEY, June Lisgoold F 07:33.5
34 0:37:47 MCCARTHY, Danny Midleton AC M55 07:35.9
35 0:37:55 BUTLER, Seamus Duhallow AC M 07:37.5
36 0:38:19 FINN, Gail Duhallow AC FJ 07:42.3
37 0:38:26 TWOMEY, Linda Liscarroll F 07:43.7
38 0:38:27 O'BRIEN, Patrick Charleville M60 07:44.0

39 0:39:26 MADDEN, Dave Mourneabbey MJ 07:55.8
40 0:39:31 O'DONOGHUE, Donal Little Island M40 07:56.8
41 0:39:44 MURRAY, Jimmy Rising Sun AC M60 07:59.4
42 0:40:04 O'REGAN, Patrick Charleville M60 08:03.5
43 0:40:12 WEBB, George Rising Sun AC M60 08:05.1
44 0:40:37 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:10.1
45 0:40:47 DINEEN, Micheal Gneeveguilla AC M45 08:12.1
46 0:41:11 ADAMSON, Mike Liscarroll AC M55 08:16.9
47 0:41:43 DOHERTY, Colin Mourneabbey MJ 08:23.4
48 0:41:49 SHEEHY, Joan West Limerick AC F45 08:24.6
49 0:44:20 DALY, Michael Liscarroll AC M 08:54.9
50 0:44:57 HEFFERNAN, Siobhan Liscarroll AC FJ 09:02.4
51 0:48:41 FITZPATRICK, Catherine Liscarroll AC F 09:47.4
52 0:49:26 CRONIN, Mary Limerick AC F50 09:56.5

WHEELCHAIR: FORDE, Jerry Blarney-Inniscarra AC M55 41:37
Organised by Liscarroll AC (Affiliated to the Athletic Association of Ireland)

(...with thanks to John Walshe of Ballycotton Running Promotions for providing the results)


Anonymous said...

It was a nice autumn evening.

Being far from the City, and a Saturday night may have deterred many of the regular runners.
However I got there in less than 50mins from the Tunnel.

I think it was actually EUR 12.00 on the day.

The start line was some distance from the registration-point, leading to several delays while waiting for

all competitors to reach the line.
Jerry Forde was let go several minutes early, which is probably a good idea, so that he does not get

swamped by runners early-on.

There were no incursions onto the course by cars for the first two-thirds, until we met the R522, and

even then there were only a handful of cars.

There were two hilly stretches. But not killers like that one at Ballycotton ;)

I saw only three "distance-markers", curiously marked 5km, 4km, and 3km.
This reverse-order initially gave a false-impression of having covered more ground than actual progress.

There was a water-station at the 5km marker. Nice touch, which I have only seen in one other 5-mile races

this summer, at the Fermoy 5-mile.

There was a medal for every finisher.

There were plenty of sandwiches and even Club-Energizer drinks in the Community Hall, served by the

ladies of the town.

Given the small turnout, and many prize categories, I reckon half the entrants received something. Even


Acoustics in the Hall were pretty bad. Only one loudspeaker.

A good day, a good race. Would recommend to all for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi john,i thought that liscarroll was a tough enough course a few hills along the way at the first few miles but the last 2 miles were flat enough a small hill to the finish,had no problem with the entry fee as it was for a good cause,small field but the race was well organized, afterwards in the centre there was different minerals handed out also tea and sandwiches fair play to them for such big prizes with only 53 entries,Lovely medals for all entries look forward to this one again next year please god hope it gets more support next year liscarroll AC deserves great credit for this one.

John Dunphy

Anonymous said...

uexpensive at £12.
cash prize. ie 9place£40.2o/50£30
hilly. finn on hill.
refreshments yes.

Anonymous said...

Previously advertised €15 and the Saturday night fixture might of put people off but a nice race all the same. In fact the cost was €12. Some tough hills and in the first mile and also around the 3 mile mark.
First year for this race so hopefully numbers will increase in future years if the club continue to hold this event.
A good club for youths with lots of races for kids before the race. good to see.