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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cork City Marathon survey results...
Thanks to the 21 people who voted in the first survey carried out on this blog. The question that I asked was...

What did you think of the Cork City Marathon / Relay?

The results were...
a) Excellent. Very well organised. (12)
b) Good but could have been better. (7)
c) Not great. Should have been better. (1)
d) Disaster. Never again. (1)

Some points...
Now, I know that 21 is a small sample but it should be enough to show a trend.
In addition, I presume that those runners who had a bad day may have been out on the course a long time, may not be regular runners and probably have not seen this blog to vote in the survey.

So, the conclusion that I would take from the results is that amongst regular runners, the vast majority thought the Marathon / Relay was a good event with some things that could be improved on.

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