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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cork City Marathon - Water Stations.
Now that the Marathon is only a few days away, I thought I'd put up a map showing where the water stations are located (Note...the map on the Cork City Marathon website shows the water stations in the wrong place and not all are shown).
1st Water Station - By the Brewery, around the 3 mile mark
2nd Water Station - Beyond Silver Springs, around the 6.5 mile mark.
3rd Water Station - Skehard Road, after CSO building. Around the 9.5 mile mark.
4th Water Station - Lee Rowing Club on the Marina, around the 13 mile mark.
5th Water Station - Turners Cross, around the 15 mile mark. Lucozade Sports available here.
6th Water Station - The Lough, around the 17 mile mark.
7th Water Station - Model Farm Road, near the County Library. Around the 20 mile mark.
8th Water Station - By the Guide Dogs building. Around the 22 mile mark. Lucozade Sports available here.
9th Water Station - Halfway along Carrigrohane / Straight Road. Around the 24 mile mark.
10th Water Station - Near Mardyke bridge, around 25.5 miles.

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