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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cork BHAA Team leagues....

At the start of the year, Mick Dooley of the Cork BHAA asked me to put together a league based on the results of each BHAA race. There are 2 leagues, one for men and one for women. The rules are pretty basic. They are...

A) Each complete team recieves 1 pt.
B) First team in each grade receives 5 pts, 2nd team 4 pts, 3rd team 3 pts, 4th team 2 pts and 5th team 1 pt. (So, for example, the 1st team in Grade B will receive 6 pts (5+1) )
C) In the event that a company has 2 teams, the higher scoring team will count for the points and the other team will count for a max of 1 pt.

If you have a look at the team results of a recent race and then look at how the points are alocated on the league table, then it is easy to follow.

I have put the 2 league tables up on a different site on the Internet. The links are...

Cork BHAA Mens League

Cork BHAA Womens League

If you have any queries about the league, you should contact Mick Dooley of the Cork BHAA.

If you have any thoughts about the league, ie. concept, rules, layout, good idea/bad idea, etc, then leave a comment by clicking on the 'Comment' tag below. I'll pass on all comments to Mick & the BHAA.

John Desmond

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