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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ballycotton '10' 2007 Entries .....(Updated 03/11/06)
It looks like that they will be restricting the entries for next year's Ballycotton '10' road race. According to the info on their website, they are going to restrict the entries to roughly 3,000.
The first 2,500 entries recieved by post will have automatic entry, regardless of whether they are members of clubs or have run previous races. i.e. it is open to everyone. After the cut-off point of 2,500 is reached, they will only accept entries up to the 15th of December from...
a) AAI registered runners i.e. You must be a member of a running club OR...
b) You must have entered one of the 2006 Ballycotton Summer series.
They don't mention what are the criteria for overseas entries.

To get an entry form, you can do one of the following...
a) Send them an A4 sized SAE with sufficent postage during the month of November and they will post out a form to you on the 1st weekend of December
b) Download an entry form from their website from the evening of the 4th of December onwards
c) Pick up an entry form from Monday evening, the 4th of December onwards in John Buckley Sports or in local shops in Ballycotton and Shanagarry.

The closing date for entries from Ireland is (by post only) up to Friday, the 15th of December. (Note again that this is for club runners or those who entered one of the 2006 5 mile Ballycotton Summer series. Non club runners should get their entries in ASAP after the 4th of December to get inside the 2,500 quota)
The closing date for overseas entries is (by post only) up to Friday, the 5th of January.
The first 2,500 entries will have automatic entry.

For any updates, check out their website

and finally, the Ballycotton '10' is going to be on Sunday, the 4th of March 2007 at 1:30pm

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