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Monday, December 05, 2022

Guest Post: Waterford Half Pat Walsh

 ** Waterford Half **

It was a tough one. Haven’t done this for so long I wasn’t sure what to expect or how strong I would be. I was hoping by memory or years of experience that maybe I would get through it. I survived. Yes the Annual Christmas feed of pints can be tough going after running a Half-Marathon. Let us hope normal service has been resumed on the running and social scene. Oh and there was a race on yesterday as well.

Waterford Half Marathon was back after a 3 year gap and it was good to go there again. So much has changed in the running landscape but fair play to all concerned for hosting this event. Well done to all who helped as stewards or water-stations or any one of the tasks needed to host a big race. We missed the post race Blaa and cuppa as it gave us a chance to meet up with other runners and I know I missed meeting so many friends yesterday.

There was a late route change and in my humble opinion as someone who has ran this race many times on many different routes that this was my personal favourite. Well done to all who took part. I always feel it is a great run to finish off a Year. If I can run 13.1 the first Saturday of December then maybe next Year might not be too bad and I can dream on. 

Thanks to my own PWR crew for the fun and laughs, you were all super. Thanks to Sheila for running with me and minding me…! I do want to thanks anyone who said hello and had some lovely comments on my page and posts. I do appreciate it as at times I wonder about relevence.

Thanks to my friends in  Saturday Road Runners  who ran the race, hugs kisses and smiles were in abundance. Pity about the crew at miles 12 at the Holy Cross pub… (joke)

Few weeks left this year and make the most of them. If in doubt just go for a run.


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