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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Guest Post: Cold Weather Running Pat Walsh

 ** Cold Weather Running **
Don't bother.
If you are professional and need to go you will find a way.
If you are like me, an ordinary runner, then a week off is no bother.
The Hospitals are full with sick people and they are struggling. Don't add to their problems and become a statistic.
Eating the Christmas Dinner in a sling or with a crutch just isn't worth it.
It is the season to relax, so relax. 
Very few are in the middle of an intensive training load.
If you can manage a few slow daylight miles great  but otherwise, the couch, the fire, the World Cup.
Next week you can go back to running in windy wet weather 😃 

'In Seed time Learn,
In Harvest Teach,
In Winter Enjoy.. 🥰'

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