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Monday, July 11, 2022

Guest Post: Fueling on the run for the Long Run Pat Walsh

 ** Fueling on the run for the Long Run **  

Anyone running this weekend needs to be careful and make sure to hydrate well. 

I have had a few queries recently about help with re-fueling on long runs in preparation for a Marathon. Good idea to be thinking about it now as you need to be practising getting some extra fuel on-board during the Long Runs.

Don’t wait until race day and find something doesn’t suit you. It is a Personal choice / taste for everyone so try them out and see what works.

As a general rule of thumb, if you jog for 40 – 80 minutes, you only need to drink water. But if you're running longer than that, you need carbohydrates. 

That's because your body's blood glucose and muscle carbohydrate stores (glycogen)--the preferred fuel for hard-working muscles--become depleted in as little as 60 minutes. 

Most people can get a 10mile without anything extra , feel drained and eat afterwards to replenish but anything longer needs something.

Starting any long run you must be well hydrated and have eaten well in the days coming up to the run. 

That is a MUST.

If not then all the supplements in the world won’t save you.

Try to have a breakfast or some light meal before you run. Take a last minute hit of some form of sugar before you start.

The body holds so much energy and if you are running longer than that length of time, then you need to take something.

Take them from early on in the run and give them time to convert to available fuel for the muscles.

With a mix of water and carbohydrates, sports drinks are quick-and-easy fuel that boost energy and keep you hydrated.
Note :- I liked Lucozade Sport as a fuel / drink. I sometimes mix half / half with water and sip on the run. Find out what is given out in your chosen race and it might help your selection.

The convenient single-serving packets make gels a popular on-the-run fuel source.Keep in mind: Gel packages can become a sticky mess when you use them, and you have to drink water each time you down one. Note:- Try a variety of gels during training to find one that agrees with you. (not all do...… as I well know!)

Great as pre-run or post-run snacks, you can eat bars during a run, too. Bars such as CLIF Bar and PowerBar are jam-packed with carbohydrates and are better than drinks and gels at satisfying hunger during long runs.
Note :- Freeze the bar, chop in little pieces and put in a sandwich bag in your pocket..

Bite-size chews punch up your energy like a jolt of coffee.You can also buy energy tablets and I personally like the Lucozade Tablet. Sports Jellies provide the same function.
Note :- After Mile 3, pop 1 every mile or 2 and it will help late in the day.

Whatever works for you, but don’t delay in experimenting. 

There are loads of other ideas out there and don’t dismiss anything until you try it.

Some eat well ripened bananas on the run. I have eaten a sleeve of Jaffa Cakes during a marathon and they were lovely.

Have a nice week and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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