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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Cycling to a 5k parkrun : A Duathlon of Sorts - Tramore Valley Park

It's probably fair to say that a lot of runners are involved in other physically activities like walking, swimming and cycling. And I'm sure there are quite a few cyclists do some running as well.

There are plenty of people who do Triathlons (Swim, cycle & run) and some do Duathlons (cycle & run).

I've noticed at a few 5k parkruns that there are nearly always a few bicycles parked up and it got me thinking... How many different 5k parkruns is it possible to cycle to?

I know that there are those who are called 'parkrun tourists' who drive around the country to various 5k parkruns and I remember seeing a post somewhere about a Kerry woman who had recently completed all the 5k parkruns in Ireland.

But what about cycling? Set off from home... cycle to the parkrun venue... run the 5k parkrun... and cycle home. How many are possible? The 'local' ones should be easy enough but it obviously gets harder as the events gets further away.

Start of the Tramore Valley Park 5k parkrun - 30th July 2022

With that in mind, I did my own 'official' first one today. I cycled 10.2kms to the closest 5k parkrun in Tramore Valley Park in Cork City, ran the 5k parkrun in 21:57 and cycled 11.4kms home (21.6kms of cycling in total).

I'm not sure if doing these kind of 'parkrun duathlons' are of any real advantage but it does add an additional level of training and it's a challenge in its own right.

I wonder if anyone else has tried cycling around to various 5k parkruns? How many can be reached by bicycle?

Finish of the Tramore Valley Park 5k parkrun with my trusty steed - 30th July 2022


Anonymous said...

Luckily I live about 1km from my town parkrun and cycle to it. Not much of an extra challenge admittedly :-)

Anonymous said...

I think the issue is more we have way too few Duathlons in Ireland. Triathlon Ireland website shows no Duathlon remaining for 2022 for adults in the country!
If someone would like to organise a cycle to Tramore valley, Run the Tramore Valley Parkrun... I'm in!!