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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Guest Post: St Patrick... by Pat Walsh

 ☘ St Patrick ☘

What is normally a time of emerging from Winter, and kicking off the Year with some fun, we find ourselves still trapped in the 5K zone and could be there for a few weeks yet. Any lifting will be minimal until May. 😱

I have found the past week very difficult myself and the lack of leadership, guidance and a sense of purpose and a plan has been very disheartening.

The Vaccine roll-out plan has changed 17 times since January and we are told nobody here is at fault. I honestly think they have no idea the level of hurt, suffering and despair that is out there.
I know if St Patrick was still alive, the snakes I would like him to drive out of Ireland. 🐍🐍

Yes there is light ahead so make sure we get there in 1 piece and ready to take our place in Society.
I am not being controversial here, just stating that we need something to look forward to. Something to aim for. Kicking the can down the road every few weeks is soul destroying to us all.
It isn't the integrity of the people in charge I question, it is their competence to do the role they now have.

I quote from the Irish Times last Monday week.
‘We know this much for certain, however. We are definitely at the stage where vast swathes of the population are of the view that they have done their bit, and that while they are willing to go on doing their bit, they need to start taking their lives back while doing so. This is an entirely reasonable attitude to adopt. It has neither the fecklessness of the open-everything-now brigade nor the unrealistic faux-simplicity of the Zero Covid crowd.

So when it comes to something like kids playing sport out in the open air, reasonable people are at the point where they need something better than to be told that this is just not possible. It is accepted by all sides that it is pretty much unheard-of to transmit Covid by playing outdoor sport. Only yesterday, it was reported in The Sunday Times that in 12 months of detailed tracing of positive Covid tests in professional soccer, American football, rugby league and rugby union, there hasn’t been a single case of on-field transmission. Not a single one.’
I do feel that I am repeating myself every week here and have very little new to offer anyone. What I would honestly like to say most weeks, I find myself stopping as it is too critical of establishment and this page would become just another of those mud-slinging places that are everywhere at the moment.
I had a plan in place to do a 10 mile next week (or 10K if that is your goal) and I will do that. The Pub and Parade are on hold.

Don’t be putting pressure on yourself for a time, just do it. If there is a little stop or a walk somewhere then no bother at all. Be kind to yourself and those around you.

If you can manage a takeaway cuppa afterwards then do so. 

Keep going, there is light but maybe we have to make it ourselves..!! ☀️πŸ•―
Keep getting out that door. It might be my last post if this gets too controversial.
#pwr #survive21

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