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Monday, August 03, 2020

Training with the main man Jerry Forde...

Dring Dring.... Dring Dring.... Dring Dring.... Dring Dring.... When my mobile phone starts buzzing after 10pm at night, it usually means only one thing... a phone call from the main man Jerry Forde!

Without the regular road races, I'm sure a lot of you may not have seen Jerry for some time.

Well, he's as busy as ever and training away all the time. He's out most days on the same loop around Blarney and ends up doing roughly a half-marathon in terms of distance.

I suggested to Jerry that he try some other routes as a change, something like the walkway near Blackrock Castle where there are no cars to worry about. No sooner had I said it that I remembered that the chance of the main man getting from A to B without getting lost is pretty much zero 😂. So I had inadvertently volunteered myself for the job as a guide!

Last Thursday, I cycled to Blackrock Castle to meet Jerry and showed him the way to the pontoon in Passage West and back, a total of about 11 miles. If any of you want to try it then it's a lovely route. It's dead flat, there are no cars to worry about and you are looking out over the water for most of it.

No good training session with Jerry is complete without a cuppa so we ended up going to Blackrock Village for a coffee. Going there and back brought the days total for Jerry up to about 12 miles.

Our next outing will be from Carrigaline to Crosshaven during the month of August. So be warned if you're out training on the line early some morning and you hear a 'Beep, Beep, Beep', it'll be the main man on tour.

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