Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Results & Photos of the Kinsale 10 mile - Sun 23rd Feb 2020

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Results & Photos of the Kinsale 10 mile - Sun 23rd Feb 2020

Claire McCarthy wins the 2020 Kinsale 10 mile. Photo: Mick Dooley

A total of 723 runners took part in this years Kinsale 10 mile road race with dry and mild conditions.

Last years there were many reports that the course was too long with reports of 10.2 miles at the finish line. It seems to be closer to the mark this year with one person reporting 10.09 miles.

First 5 men (L-R) Tom Lupton 4th, Joe Cunningham 3rd, Pat Hennessy 1st, Jeremy O'Donovan 2nd & Declan Power 5th. Photo: Mick Dooley

Top 5 men & women...
1.    1365    Pat    Hennessy    m    West Waterford AC    M18-39    00:51:13
2.    1759    Jeremy    O'Donovan    m    St finbarrs    M40-44    00:53:55
3.    1176    Joe    Cunningham    m    St finbarrs    M45-49    00:54:12
4.    1489    Tom    Lupton    m    Portlaoise ac    M18-39    00:54:31
5.    1825    Declan    Power    m         M45-49    00:54:34    00:54:33
16.    1548    Claire    Mccarthy    f    Leevale ac    F40-44    01:01:21
47.    1625    Una    Murphy plant    f         F45-49    01:07:33
48.    1579    Jenny    Miller    f         F18-39    01:07:44
55.    1484    Jean    Lucey    f         F18-39    01:08:42
63.    1509    Sylvia    Malone    f    Wac    F45-49    01:09:30

Full results

(L-R) Una Murphy Plant 2nd, Jenny Miller 3rd & Jean Lucey 4th. Photo: Mick Dooley

1) Derek Costello has a number of galleries...
...a) Mile 3 part 1 of 2
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2) Mick Dooley has an album HERE 


Anonymous said...

Looking at results and previous results over 10 milers - both 1st placed men ran faster in Kinsale than Dungarvan this year so it looks like the race is spot on distance wise

Anonymous said...

I agree with above comment about distance it's a gps error. Not distance error. I myself ran both dungarvan 10 mile and kinsale 10 mile and PBed in Kinsale 10 mile plenty also saying they got PBs. Really enjoyed kinsale 10 mile a fantastic race. Well done to organisers only second year and like a well oil machine like its been going for years and years

Anonymous said...

Course measured at 10.21 for me this year, from the start line. Though I assume there will be a margin for error.

Unknown said...

I got 10.1 on my watch and time. Think it is longer than 10. If so next year move the start further down the road..

Anonymous said...

Great event very well organised but course is long .mile markers off after mile 2. I ran 10.9 yesterday over10.1 yesterday. I spoke to at least 10 people after the race long for all. Keep the finish just start further down the hill

Anonymous said...

Race is really well organised and enjoyable to do, the course was long, everyone was expressing similar experience afterwards, they need to rectify that. They should get someone in who can measure the course accurately. The first two comments are a joke though. Just because you ran faster or the best 2 runners did in kinsale doesn't mean that the course wasn't long. There are lots of variables that impact times, course, weather, Vaporflys, etc. You now also have 3 more weeks training since Dungarvan, so your fitness should have improved also.

Anonymous said...

The course was measured twice officially very accurately by a A grade measurer. It is correct it's a gps error check your elevation on Garmin or strava you will see a hill around mile 1 and same on way back at mile 9. Their is no hill their. This is a gps error I know because I run this route every week and GPS isn't as accurate as being officially measured. If we measure to Gps it won't be 10 miles. I'm not involved in race but am local runner

Anonymous said...

Hi all, Just reading the post and comments above - i think there is a big misunderstanding about how accurate GPS devices are at measuring race distance. There are many many articles on this. Basically GPS is about 98-99 % accurate on most devices. A recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Science Coaching showed this emphatically (see link below) and in general it is accepted that GPS measurement of how far a runner has run on a course will be about 1% longer - sometimes up to 2% longer. GPS performance is affected by several factors as you'll see in the article (particularly environmental and the device itself)

In 2016 the Guardian newspaper wrote an article on the topic and actually showed the most commonly recorded distance on GPS devices for the London Marathon was 26.5 miles (not 26.2)

The bottom line is that although GPS is helpful it is NOT the accurate way to measure course distance and the accepted international best standard is the Jones counter method.

Another simple article from 2011 also shows how GPS can misbehave even on relatively short distances but the bottomline is that even with the great improvements within GPS devices it will easily still show a 1% margin of error too long when measuring how far a runner has run. Sometimes it will be more than 1% as you can see from the article.

See articles below: (if interested)

a more simple explanation also;

Anonymous said...

GPS watches may not be 100% accurate but they do show up problems when they exist. It was also 'accurately measured' by Jones Counter last year and the course was obviously way too long.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing that the course which is clearly long is not acknowledged and rectified . I spoke to an individual who measured the course and admitted that race organisers extended course to enable finish on the track . Two years in a row multiples of runners have called this out . Great event , well organised , fab location but it’s long so please fix it . Keep the track start further down the hill