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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NIKE announce details of the new controversial Alphafly shoe

Nike have recently released photos and details of their new Air Zoom Alphafly Next% running shoe and this is what it looks like...

The first thing that jumps out of the picture is the size of that sole! It is 39.5mm thick which is just under the new guidelines of 40 mm or less imposed by the World Athletics body.

The controversial NIKE Vaporfly shoes introduced in 2016 is supposed to make runners up to 4% more efficient. The new Aphlafly has claims of up to 8%!

Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya wore them to break the two-hour marathon barrier in October of 2019 in Austria.

In a press relase, Nike said...“The groundbreaking research that led to the original Vaporfly unlocked an entirely new way of thinking about marathon shoes. Once we understood the plate and foam as a system, we started thinking about ways to make the system even more effective. That’s when we struck upon the idea of adding Nike Air to store and return even more of a runner’s energy and provide even more cushioning.”

The new shoes will be available to elite athletes at first but should be available for the general public to purchase in a few months time.

The expected retail price is about $250 / €250.

Like the Nike Vaporfly, these new shoes will have a limited life span of probably less than 200 miles.

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