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Friday, September 13, 2019

Weather Forecast for the Waterford Greenway & Charleville Half-Marathon

There are two big half-marathons coming up in Munster over the weekend. On Saturday the 14th of September, there is the Waterford Greenway Half-Marathon and on Sunday the 15th, there is the Charleville Half.

This is the forecast for the weekend...

Saturday 14th Sept - Waterford... Essentially, high pressure is dominating the weather and it's likely to be sunny and dry. The temperature should be in the low teens with light winds. It's pretty much ideal for the race from Kilmacthomas to Dungarvan.

Sunday 15th Sept - Charleville... There is some uncertainty about the weather on Sunday.

The forecast is for a weather front to cross the country on Sunday and the time of its exact arrival may determine if there is rain in Charleville or not. As you can see from the prediction above, it's shows the rain to the north. It it arrives earlier then rain is more likely. If it arrives later then it should be dry.

From 48 hours out, any prediction is only a guess. The forecast should be more exact on Saturday.

Regardless of whether it's raining or not, the temperate should be in the mid teens. There will be a modest westerly breeze which will be a headwind for the second half of the Charleville Half.

Update Sun 6am : It now looks as if the rain will be well to the north on Sunday. Forecast is for overcast and dry conditions.15 deg C. Light westerly wind. Behind the runners int he first half and a headwind in the second half.

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