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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pedestrian access to Tramore Valley Park remains restricted

Update 10th Sept 2019 : It looks as if the Half Moon Lane entrance will be closed for at least another 9 months.

This was the answer given to Cllr. Mick Finn at a Cork City Council Meeting on the 9th of Sept 2019...

The key point in there is 'vehicular access' from the Half Moon Lane entrance. Access for pedestrians, runners and cyclists could be done straight away.


Back at the end of May of 2019, the Tramore Valley Park in Cork City finally opened to the public after many years of delay. Despite this, there is still only one pedestrian access three months later.

The only pedestrian access point as of August 2019 is a walkway from Douglas shown in purple above. This is 1.2 kms in length. The only other way to access the park is to actually drive there.

The northern access point via the Half Moon Lane shown in red above is still closed to the public.

This means that some of the people that actually live closest to the park have to drive there to get access.

I understand that it remains closed due to concerns of some 'state bodies' and 'a lack of parking'.

So far, there has been three months of inaction by Cork City Council and the risk is that this will drag on for ages like the opening of the park.

Priority should be given to people that want to walk, run and cycle in the park. There shouldn't be a presumption that everyone wants to drive there.


Anonymous said...

The place is a barren ecological wasteland. No trees, flowers, wildlife. The very fact that you have to drive there in a car epitomizes the fact that its a dump

Anonymous said...

That gate was open for pedestrian & bicycle access back when the parkrun was there, how long ago was that? Wonder what's changed now?

Anonymous said...

I heard local residents complained as they were worried about traffic / parking on half moon lane. Its a real shame. If they just opened it for pedestrians and cyclists it would be great. No real need for cars to enter there (in my opinion anyway)

Opening up some safe pedestrian access to the park and ride would be interesting though. You could run from the park across to the kinsale rd and onto the cycleway by the stream near harvy norman