Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Dry-Fit top for the 2017 Blackwater 10 mile nr Fermoy

Friday, May 05, 2017

Dry-Fit top for the 2017 Blackwater 10 mile nr Fermoy

If anyone wants to sure of a dry fit top for the Blackwater 10 mile near Fermoy then they need to enter online by Sunday the 7th of May. After that date, the tops will be ordered.

This 10 mile race will take part in Clondulane village to the east of Fermoy on Sunday the 21st of May 2017. The entry fee is €21.20 which includes the online surcharge.

All of the information is on the race website...


Anonymous said...

Pity they have all those logos on the back of the dry fit top. They make what looks like a very nice looking top look very cheap. I'd say many people would have loved to wear it and be seen with it on but now with those logos on the back they wouldn't be seen dead in it.

I say that even though all the companies involved are super companies and they are great to sponsor the race.

John Desmond said...

There are only 3 sponsors logos. That's a very small number and it's usual to have race sponsors on the back of dry fit tops like this. Most of the big races have many more and they don't look out of place.

Anonymous said...

I do agree it is common to have sponsors logos on the back and for this race it is only three but I would say most people do think they are out of place as I so rarely see a person wearing one.