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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sports Ireland announce performance review and 2017 funding grants for athletes

Sports Ireland recently released a report which outlined the various grants for 2017 as well as a review of the Irish performances at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. In it, they announce that there is funding of €20 million for the various National Governing Bodies & athletes; in line with 2016 figures.

In terms of grants to National Governing Bodies for 2017, these were the top five...

NGB... 2017
Special Olympics Ireland ... €1,200,000
Athletics Ireland... €887,000 (2016 = €887,000)
Swim Ireland... € 827,000
Horse Sport Ireland... €775,000
Basketball Ireland... €588,000
Full List

In terms of individual grants, Thoms Barr gets the full €40k grant after his 4th place finish in the final of the 400m hurdles at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Ciara Mageean also moves from €12k to €20k while a few others get on the list.

NGB Applicant Category Allocation > Athletics

Robert Heffernan... Podium €40,000...(2016 = €40k, 2015 = €40k, 2014 = €40k, 2013 = €40k, 2012 = €40k).

Thomas Barr... Podium €40,000...(2016 = €20k, 2015 = €20k, 2014 = €0k, 2013 = €0k, 2012 = €0k)

Fionnuala McCormack... World Class €20,000....(2016 = 20k, 2015 = €20k, 2014 = €20k, 2013 = €20k, 2012 = €20k)

Mark English... World Class €20,000...(2016 = €20k, 2015 = €20k, 2014 = €12k, 2013 = €0k, 2012 = €0k).

Ciara Mageean... World Class €20,000... (2016 = 12k, 2015 = €12k)

Brendan Boyce... International €12,000... (2016 = €12k, 2015 = €12k, 2014 = €12k, 2013 = €12k, 2012 = €0k).

Alex Wright... International €12,000... (2016 = €12k)

Ciara Everard... International €12,000... (2016 = €12k)

Christine McMahon... International €12,000 ... New

Michelle Finn... International €12,000 ... New

Sara Treacy... International €12,000 ... New

Paul Pollock... International €12,000 ... New

Men's Ream Relay... International €12,000 (2016 = €20k)

Total €236,000 (2016 = €220k)

Ciarán Ó Lionáird, Brian Gregan and Paul Robinson lose their funding.

Ciaran O'Lionaird... €0...(2016 = 20k, 2015 = €20k, 2014 = €12k, 2013 = €20k, 2012 = €20k).
Paul Robinson... €0...(2016 = €20k, 2015 = €20k, 2014 = €12k, 2013 = €0k, 2012 = €0k).
Brian Gregan... €0...(2016 = €12k, 2015 = €12k, 2014 = €12k, 2013 = €12k, 2012 = €0k).

Rio Olympics & Athletics Ireland Review...

The report also covered the 2016 Olympics...the preparation, the games and the aftermath. Here are a few key points and excerpts...

Before the Olympics, there was the whole debacle of the selection process for the men's team for the marathon. Sergiu Ciobanu was passed over for selection despite having a faster qualifying time than Paul Pollock who was selected. Instead of there being an open and transparent selection process, it seemed at times as if the goalposts were moving as time went on. This is what the report said...

"There has been some suggestion that the selection criteria needs to be further simplified to ensure full understanding by athletes. Some athletes who were sure they had met all the necessary criteria were concerned about their actual selection until it was announced. Ultimately there was one selection appeal which was financially very costly for AI and stressful for the athletes involved. The appeal was unsuccessful and the decision of the selection committee was upheld. The inclusion of a robust “fitness to perform” criterion was also proposed while it is acknowledged that this is can be a challenging one to implement."

The performance of the then Performance Director (PD) came in some criticism...

"There is a sense within the HPC that while the PD is very knowledgeable, he needs to engage with  the committee members more proactively recognising the experience and knowledge on the   committee."
"The review identified some communication issues between the PD and athletes. There appears to be significant improvement from the London 2012 review but there was still evidence that the  interpersonal side of the role needs to be improved."

"During the course of this review, the PD announced that he was stepping down from his position."

You may have seen recently that Paul McNamara has been appointed as the new director of High Performance.

In terms of future grants to athletes, this was mentioned...

"There is an argument that, in order to continue with the development of a semicentralised high performance programme and system, the money that is currently being issued to some athletes may be better invested in a programme. Athletes could then have access to, for example, a number of 1 day camps at Sport Ireland Institute that would include their personal coaches, lead coaches, and support service programme."

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