Google+ Running in Cork, Ireland: Work commences on walkway ramp in Mahon

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Work commences on walkway ramp in Mahon

The old railway track in Mahon & Blackrock is one of the most popular routes in Cork City for running as it's quiet, flat and away from any traffic. Back in February of 2016, I had a post up about plans to build a new ramp which would give runners more options for routes.

This work has now commenced and I'd guess it should be finished in a few weeks time. One point to note is that the actual slope of the ramps is a lot gentler than the artists impression would suggest.


Anonymous said...

I wonder is there any possibility that they might install some lighting on that stretch as part of the works.

rom said...

Highly unlikely as it would a big project to light the whole thing. Only the part out to passage is lit.

Anonymous said...

Lighting would be great even if it was only until 9pm to facilitate runners!