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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Looking ahead to the 2017 Dungarvan 10 mile road race...Sun 5th Feb 2017

The big race in Munster this weekend of course is the Dungarvan 10 mile road race and there are well over 1000 runners from Cork making the journey. This sold out months ago and the entry list can be seen HERE

First off, the weather forecast. The chart above says it all really. The disturbed weather of Saturday will have cleared by Sunday. The low pressure system which will bring wet weather on Monday will still be out in the mid-Atlantic. On Sunday, we will be between the two systems with a ridge of high pressure over the country.

It's likely to be dry and the winds will be light. The day will probably start off pretty cold with the temperature not far above 0 deg C. There is likely to be some Spring sunshine and by the start of the race, the temperature should be around 8 deg C. It will probably be mild enough for say a short sleeve top if you are racing. A long sleeve top perhaps if your aim is just to get around. It would be best to forget about jackets and/or multiple layers. If you feel slightly cold waiting for the start of the race then you are probably in the right gear.  looks a bit mixed.

Update....Sun 10am....Here is the satellite photo....Nice and sunny...

As for the wind, it's likely to be from the west and light. As it's coming overland as opposed to coming in from the sea, it should be weak enough in Dungarvan. Out on the course, it's likely to be a headwind between miles 3 and 5 but I'd expect it won't be a major factor.

As for the course, it is the same as last year. The preview can be seen  here...

And finally, this is a photo of the dry fit top. In a previous post,  I had an image of it which suggested that perhaps it was dark orange or light brown. As you can see from the photo below, it seems to be more of a light orange colour.......or is it peach?

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